thirty five

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I grew stronger under Troye's touch. Whether it were his lips or his hands, he made me feel better. He made me feel stronger, more confident. But as the same time he made me weak. He broke down all my walls and let me melt whenever I was in his presence.

Right now, he was being annoying. He was teasing me, ever so often placing a kiss on my face, while murmuring between them. He hadn't yet told nor shown me his 'surprise', and even though I preferred watching people receive things instead of getting things myself, I was eager to find out what it was. He was secretive about it.

We were kissing now, and I made sure his lips didn't leave mine again my holding onto his hips, smashing out lips together. One might say he was straddling me. We only stopped kissing upon hearing a small knock on the door. Flustered, we pulled away, giggling like twelve year old girls.

"Is it safe to come in?" Leah asked, slowly pushing open the door with and arm in front of her eyes. I chuckled, running my fingers through Troye's quiff and pecking him on the nose with my lips.

"Oh god. You two-" she made some weird hand motions, and spun around. "Okay no, but I have to close up for real now, you two should get going and continue whatever," she motioned towards us, "this is, somewhere else."

I stared at her blankly. Closing up already? What even was the time?

"You're closing up already?" I frowned, looking at her in confusion.

"Well, yeah. As it's almost seven now, I'm closing up. Jack isn't able to take the last shift, so we have to close early tonight."

"It's seven already?!" Troye exclaimed in shock, getting up and looking for his phone frantically. "I haven't even wished Tyde good luck with his play! I- fuck." He was pulling cushions aside, and as I started helping him search, I saw his phone perched on top of his jacket in the corner.

"Got it, here you go." I handed it to him, and he immediately began typing something in his phone. "But yeah, we'll get going."

I intertwined my fingers with Troye's, and gently tugged him out of the room. I gave Leah a side-hug, thanking her, and then we were in my car, my hand still on his, driving to his house.

"Hmm, what do you want to cook, pretty boy?" Troye asked when we had arrived at his house. He was currently looking through the cupboards and fridge for food and ingredients. I, on the other hand, was sat on the kitchen counter, watching him.

"Oh, err, whatever we can cook, I guess?" I offered. I didn't really know what we could cook. As well as in what ingredients we could use as in what we were actually able to cook, ability wise.

"Well, as I only know how to make mac and cheese, pizza and salad or just put things in the oven, there aren't much options."

"Then let's just make mac and cheese, shall we?" (A/N: do people actually eat Mac and cheese? It sounds disgusting. Sorry I'll let u continue now) I offered, which resulted into Troye grinning and grabbing the ingredients from the cupboards and the fridge.


Some fifteen minutes later, I was standing at the counter, cooking the pasta. Troye had told me he was going to get something real fast, but he'd been gone for the past five minutes. I didn't really mind though, I was just mindlessly stirring the pasta, not thinking about anything in particular.

I was staring into nothing, until I suddenly felt two arms wrap around me, and felt a chin resting on my shoulder. I leaned back a bit, making sure I wasn't pushing the slightly smaller boy back. He pressed a kiss on my neck, and I stopped stirring for a moment, closing my eyes in pleasure. His hands were slowly rubbing circles on my stomach now, and if I were being entirely honest, all I wanted now was to turn around in his arms and kiss him.

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