thirty two

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Our kiss didn't last for long though. It was mainly due to the fact we were still sitting in my car. Or well, my parents' car. But that was beside the point. The matter at the hand was the fact that we were sitting in a car, with me in the drivers seat and Troye in the passengers seat, which meant the position we were in was pretty awkward, to say the least.

But despite our kiss not lasting very long, it had sent sparks flying, heat rising up my cheeks, a warm and fuzzy feeling seeping into me. It made me feel a lot better than I'd felt before.

"Anything in particular you wanna do right now, pretty boy?" Tro asked me, biting down on the side of his lip subconsciously, and looking at me sideways. He appeared nervous or uncomfortable for some reason. He seemed to want to talk, or ask something, but held back from doing so.

"Hmm, just drive around a bit?" I offered, and when Troye nodded I smiled at him, turning back to the steering wheel. Seconds later we drove away, and it was silent for a while. Whereas other silences with Troye had consisted mostly of a comforting vibe, this one was tenser, and even though I was the one that had just gotten back from an awful and set up date, Troye seemed most nervous about talking.

"Hey, angel, something wrong?" I flickered my eyes towards him while asking this, not looking for too long, as I had to pay attention to the road.

"Err. No. Not really... But just..." he made some motions with his hands and arms, as if to out frustration, "I just already hate that Dodie bitch for forcing herself onto you like that. I mean, she kissed you, Con! That's my job!" I laughed. Not because I thought it was funny that Dodie had tried kissing me, because I, in fact, was pretty angry about that, but because of his last words. It was indeed, his job to kiss me. Not hers. But it's still funny.

"What?! Why are you laughing! This is a serious matter, Con!" He continued, but he couldn't prevent a smile forming on his face.

"Well-" I hiccuped form laughter, "the fact that you said 'that's my job' with that anger was really funny. But you're right, angel, it's your job to kiss me, and I'm pretty angry about her behavior this night, but could we please just not talk about her?"

I refocused my eyes on the road again. It was pretty dark outside, and there weren't that many people driving around town. It was almost 9 pm and given that it was a Saturday evening, I had expected more people to be out.

"Of course. We can talk about anything you want." A smile had settled on my face again, and my gaze was focused solely on the road in front of me.

"Hmm, anything is quite a big topic Tro. But if we're talking about anything, I wanna get to know you better," the boy next to me chuckled, and even though I was focused on driving somewhere unknown, I looked at him for a moment. "So, for example. Have you-have you been in a relationship before this?" I was quite hesitant to ask the question, but it was something that had been on my mind ever so often. I mean, this couldn't be the first relationship he had had, right? He was far too amazing for that. And I also might have wondered where he had learned to kiss like he did.

"Oh," was all he brought up. Clearly he hadn't expected the question. I started doubting myself, my grip on the steering wheel tightening and my body tensing. Had it been a mistake to ask that question? I wondered.

"I, actually have. Like, I've kissed more girls in my life than boys, but I've dated my fair share of people." He was cautious with his words, and I bit my lip, not sure if I actually wanted to know about his past love life. I nodded though, urging him to go on. I could see he wasn't a hundred percent comfortable around the topic either, but I couldn't really blame him. After all, having your current boyfriend ask you about past relationships maybe wasn't the most joyous topic ever.

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