sixty one

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I was on a high from all that happened, was happening. Pretty much everyone was going crazy. The website had already crashed, e-mails of preorders flooded the mailbox, and my mind was still kind of unable to grasp all that was happening. I was excited, really excited for everyone to hear the music. I was excited to start in a new field of experiences, to explore the world of really making music. Sure, I wasn't going to wake up one day and be a popstar, but you get the idea.

It wasn't much later now, and I was still beaming, sitting on a couch somewhere. We were planning on going out for dinner, as everyone was almost done with their events or meet and greets, and it was quite late already. I had my feet on the couch, and my back rested against Connor's side. Who, unlike me, was sitting normal instead of sideways. I rested my head on his shoulder, not even wanting to wipe the stupid grin off my face. He had his arm around my waist, mindlessly drawing small circles on my stomach.

If it weren't for the fact we were in a crowded room, I would've kissed him thousands of times already. Because honestly, that's the only thing missing right now to make this day perfect. Kisses and cuddles. But I was sure I would get my kisses and cuddles later on.

Before heading to dinner, we headed back to our room for a moment, and I changed into dark blue skinny jeans with a simple black tee. No matter how comfortable and warm the combination of a shirt and sweater had been, I now craved something more loose on my boy, and a simple tee fulfilled that duty perfectly.

"Connor?" I called out. Upon turning around I had lost sight of the boy, despite the two of us being in the same hotel room. I guessed that he was probably in the bathroom, but one never could be sure enough.

"Yeah?" He popped his head out of, indeed, the bathroom. I smiled at him, muttering a "nothing".

Despite my excitement, I was still tired, and a yawn escaped my mouth. Confused, the boy went back to the bathroom, and I scrolled through my phone for a little, waiting for him. Scrolling through the hashtags everywhere, getting rushes of excitement by seeing all the positive responses. I was so happy I could cry, but I didn't. I just let myself fall back onto the bed with my arms stretched to the sides, closing my eyes for a second.

"Hey smiley, you ready to go?" A voice popped up not much later, and I lifted my head up, still smiling brightly. I nodded and got up, after which we went downstairs to meet the others.


Dinner was nice, but by now I really, really wanted to go back to the hotel room. I'd eaten enough, but everyone wanted to go for desserts.

I mean, I wouldn't say no to a dessert, but the fingers walking my thigh were quite demanding, and I only worked myself up because of them. Somewhere in my mind, I wanted to shove Connor's hand away; I'd wanted to for quite long now, actually. On the other hand, it excited me. Because this was a whole new level of hiding things. It proved hard, especially at times when his hand creeped closer to my crotch. At those small moments, I looked to my side, to where the boy was sitting, and tensed up a bit. Signalling that maybe this wasn't the best place to do stuff like that. He just smirked, squeezing my thigh again before letting his hand drift off back towards my knee.

My face was probably beet red, despite my attempts at trying to hide it. I didn't really know what to think- to feel. I wasn't really uncomfortable under his touch, but at the fact that we were sitting at a huge table with lots of people, I did get a tad uncomfortable.

Mostly though, I just wanted to go back to the hotel room and press my lips to his. To make him all flustered himself, wipe that satisfied smirk from his face and replace it with one that had pleasure written all over it. This had been going on for pretty much the whole dinner already- and given that we were in some fancy restaurant, that had taken just a bit over an hour already. Besides, a fancy restaurant wasn't really the place to get it on with, was it?

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