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Sundays were overrated in my opinion. Sure, Sundays were good. You could be exceptionally lazy on Sundays. Especially when you didn't have homework due for the next day. But what Sundays lacked and Saturdays did have, was the option to stay up late at night. Now, it wasn't like I didn't do that anyways, but it was just a lot better if you could actually still get a good nights worth of sleep after staying up until 3 am.

It was morning now though. which meant that I had all day left to procrastinate, do nothing, and let my mind wander to whatever. I was sitting in the kitchen with a steaming cup of tea and my phone, casually scrolling through my social medias and checking up on everyone and everything. While doing so, I received multiple texts, which I mostly ignored, sipping from my cup of tea ever so often. Another text popped up and when I saw it was from Connor I immediately clicked on it.

Connah Frantah: hi

Connah Frantah: so remember when we went stargazing w/your friends & i said we should do that together sometime? they're saying tonight'll be clear? If you want tho

Troye boy Sivan💙: YES

Troye boy Sivan💙: also like wyd can u come over?

I smiled at my phone subconsciously, and almost spilled some tea over me which resulted in my dad scolding me for looking at my damn phone too much. I guess you could say that I zoned out quite a lot when this boy came into view.

Connah Frantah: sure, i'll be @ yours in 20?

Troye boy Sivan💙: kay

Realising that he was actually gonna be here in twenty minutes made me jump up. I was, after all, only just awake and starting the day. I was still in my pyjamas. I raced out of the kitchen, and almost ran into Sage, who raised her eyebrows, crossed her arms and blocked the doorway.

"What's the hurry, Tok?"She sounded genuinely interested, but the huge grin on her face made it all too obvious that she just wanted to pry in my life once again. I guess you could say I wasn't really being discreet in the fact that I was now hurrying to get ready for the day.

"Oh, eh. Nothing. Connor's coming over in like nineteen minutes and I still haven't even showered and gotten dressed- so yeah if you'd just.." I tried pushing her to the side a bit, "move out of the way?" I batted my eyelids at my younger sister, who was now sporting an even more enormous grin on her face.

"Ooh, so you got yourself a date?"

I felt myself going red in the face. This wasn't a date, this was just me and Connor hanging out for the day and planning on going stargazing in the evening. Nonetheless, I couldn't help but blush and stutter.

"N-no! He- Connor is just a friend! He isn- isn't even gay as far as I know, Sagey." This comment made her scrunch her face, looking at me with confused eyes.

"Oh. Well, you definitely like him, Tok. I can see that. So go get ready for this," she put up her fingers and made air quotes, "non-date."

I avoided looking her in the eye. Because yes, maybe I did like him. Maybe I absolutely despised the fact that he wasn't even interested in guys.

Fifteen minutes later I had showered, but I was still deciding on what to wear. I mean, yeah, this wasn't a date, but I couldn't really deny that I wanted to look good. After standing in front of my closet for what seemed like hours, I finally settled on black skinny jeans, my converse platforms, and a simple maroon hoodie. It'd have to do for today. I finished with running a hand through my quiff, making sure there weren't too many loose strands. A couple loose strands I could stand, but too many just annoyed my. I liked my quiff.

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