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Breath, Troye. Breath. Inhale, Exhale. I was about as nervous as one could get when starting school. It was cold outside, way and way colder than it had been in Perth, where it was too hot to be in the sun. It was February 2nd after all. Which meant summer in Perth, but Winter in La Crescent, which I found out was the name of the small town I now lived. I was freezing. I thought to myself it wouldn't come to a surprise if I'd be found dead because of the cold. The worst thing was that there wasn't even any snow. Just ice and cold.

My parents drove Tyde to his school, after which they dropped me and Sage off at La Crescent High School. Sage was already laughing, being walked to her class by some girl who I think was late. I mean, school did start about twenty minutes ago. But we, meaning Sage and I, were supposed to be introduced by a teacher and shown around. I was still waiting for that so called teacher to introduce me to my class, since I had to wait outside his classroom.

Eighty-six seconds later, and yes, I had been counting, he opened the door and ushered me inside. The students, which were chattering and talking before, now fell silent, all staring at me.

"Class, this is Troye Mellet. He's new and has just moved from- what was the name of that city again, you said?" He now turned to look at me, after which all eyes, including those who were already bored by the presence of someone new, fell on me. I felt myself going red in my cheeks. I absolutely did not like this. "Pe- Perth, Australia" I stuttered, after which I heard some laughter. I looked down, suddenly thinking my converse platforms were the most interesting thing ever to exist.

"I think it'll be good if you tell the students something about yourself. So, what do you like to do, Troye?" The teacher asked. Even though the man looked as someone nice, I dreaded this question.

"I like to sing." Was my answer, not planning on telling anymore than that line. The snickering you could hear now already made me feel at unease.
"Well, that's lovely. Take a seat please. We'll be going through Macbeth the next couple weeks, so please get your books out and I'll hand out Macbeth."

After mr. Sinclair gave everyone their copies of the book, he walked over to the table of a boy with abnormally green eyes. The boy seemed annoyed and even more so when the teacher walked across the room towards me. He was already talking with his friends, clearly frustrated about whatever the teacher had told him.

"Mellet. Connor there," mr Sinclair pointed to the green eyed boy, "will show you around some more. You two have the same class schedule, making him the ideal person to show you around and explain how it works around here. I believe you were homeschooled before, right?" I nodded. "Well then, mr Mellet, I hope you'll enjoy High School."

Three hours and thirty two minutes later, it was lunch. In those hours I had had, besides English, Math, History and French. I detested French and had honestly no idea why my parents made me learn french. I had also found out that Connor did not seem to like me. If anything, I suspected the exact opposite. He didn't talk to me at all, didn't even try and engage any sort of contact with me. So I was left to trail behind him and his loud friends if I wanted to find out where the next class was. And because of that, I didn't know where to sit in the cafeteria. I looked at Connor, who was clearly in the 'popular group'. Table in the centre, lots of guys and girls, and a lot of laughter. I decided to sit alone at a table, eating my lunch. My only lessons left were two hours of music, which I was nervous for, but also exited. I truly wanted to sing, but I also didn't, you see my problem?

Lunch was over in what seemed to be like three days, but was actually just half an hour.
"Mellet." Someone put their hand down, firm. I looked up, a bit shaken. What were they going to do? I hadn't done anything wrong in those hours I'd been here, right? It turned out to be Connor-with-the-green-eyes. Those eyes were literally stunning and for a moment, my breath hitched.

"Ye-yes?" I stumbled upon my words. I could hit myself for that. I had never been the shy guy. Sure, I wasn't popular, but I had no problem talking and was confident about myself.

"I'm supposed to walk you to class, remember? So get your lanky ass up and walk." Rude, I thought to myself. I got up though, and Connor apparently thought that, while his friends didn't follow music, I was good enough to walk next to.

"So, Troye, you like to sing?" He asked. I was somewhat startled by this question because of multiple reasons. For once, he didn't say Mellet, like he had any other time he talked to me today. Second, he actually sounded nice, and third, he had a smile on his face, seemed much more relaxed and actually looked interested.

"Well, yeah. You could say that." I answered with a smile. "And you? Do you sing?"

"Nah, Troye boy. I write music. I love to write, and I love music, but I'm horrible at like, any instrument, and my voice is shit." I was impressed by this. I mean, I write music too, but the thought of writing music and not singing it seems so... I don't know, surreal.

"Wow. Really? That's amazing, Connor," I saw a faint smile tugging at his lips at that.

"Yeah, well. We're at class. I'll see you after it, right?" He concluded as we almost entered the classroom. His tone had gone back to something more distant, which I, to my surprise, found a tad sad. It made me feel alone again, but I nodded anyway, already feeling better because I may have just made a friend since he did ask me to see him after class again.

Class started off fine. The teacher, mrs Sangster, seemed to take some interest in me. A new person joining music class wasn't that heard of, I discovered. She wanted everyone to come up in front and either sing or play an instrument, though she told Connor he didn't have to. I wish she'd said that to me. Apparently everyone had been working on a solo piece of music for the past two weeks. I, on the other hand, didn't have anything. Well. I did have songs. But those were my songs. Songs uploaded onto my youtube channel. Songs that I didn't want anyone to hear. Although, no. That wasn't entirely true. I did want people to hear them, I just really didn't want to perform right now.

"Troye Mellet. It's your turn, sweetie. Don't worry about improvising a bit, I just want to know what you can do, what I can work with. And I want the rest of class to know what you can do too." The woman smiled broadly at me and in my head I laughed a bit. If only she knew I was actually signed to a record label and was working on an EP. If only my classmates would know. They wouldn't be whispering stuff like "I think he's really bad, c'mon, he's too pale and tall to be any good", "The only person who tells him he can actually sing is his mom, because she wouldn't dare tell her son he sounds like shit" I really, really wanted the bell to signal the end of the second of two classes now, but we had another fifteen minutes left. My face went red, my palms sweaty. I didn't want to sing in front of all those kids who already seemed to dislike me. Even Connor, who had acted truly nice on our way to this class, was whispering amongst them. Mrs Sangster took a step towards me.

"Look, Troye. If you don't want to perform in front of your classmates yet, that's okay. But I really want to hear you today, so you can sing, or whatever it is you do, to me after the bell rings if this is your last class." I just nodded, already ashamed that I didn't dare to perform in front of my class. Walking back to my seat, a boy with raven black hair snickered at me.

"Aahw, Mellet. Too scared to perform? Already dreading the comments? I agree with you though, I wouldn't stand there and sing if I were you. You probably cant even hit the right notes with a simple christmas song."

He was called out by the teacher, who then started making groups with 4 people in it each. I was paired up with a girl playing the piano, another girl who played guitar, and a boy I had heard playing the drums. It was your basis group of music assemble, but, as mrs Sangster told us we had to perform an original song by next week, a smile genuinely made it's way onto my face. It broadened when she told us we could use any of our written before original songs. This was going to be easy.

Hiya. So, this chapter is pretty bad, and I'm sorry for that but hey, introductions take long and I don't really want Troye's first day to take like eight chapters so I kinda fitted this chunk in here.
I also would like to say that I do not have a posting schedule, which may lead to times with daily updates and with an update taking two weeks. This is due to school and training. I'll try and upload every weekend though. No promises. Also, although it's still September 11th, 23:04, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNIE FRANNIE🎉

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