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I was in the hospital. The past fifteen minutes were a bit of a blur, if I was being honest. He hadn't even hit me that hard, but there was still a bit of blood seeping out of my nose and my cheek was throbbing. I was also a bit dizzy, but that had begun to fade a little.

I was leaning back against Connor's chest, when a woman called for me. I blinked about twice before getting up, and just stood there, numb, before Connor grabbed my hand and dragged me with him towards the nurse.

My actions were a tad sluggish, and if I was being honest, it really annoyed me. I wanted nothing more than to be gone here, to be back somewhere private with Connor and hug him and for that homophobic bitch to be here instead with an injury. But I wasn't, which was why I was walking to a smaller room now, my hand linked with Connor's, who was holding me close, making sure I wasn't stumbling and that I was 'okay'. Which I was. If you didn't count my bleeding nose, throbbing cheek and slight slower reactions along with my rage towards the restaurant owner.

"So, I'm guessing the one with the bleeding nose is Troye Mellet?" the nurse asked, after which I nodded. I sat down on some sort of massage table now, my legs bungling over the edge. Connor's hand was still in mine, but he just stood beside me.

"Yeah, that would be me." I nodded at her, smiling. My mind was beginning to clear, and I didn't feel as dizzy anymore. Oh well, those were probably also side effects of the jet lag.

"So, do you two mind telling what happened? I'll check in the meantime. Maybe your..." she didn't seem to know what to call Connor for a moment, and hesitated, "friend-"

"Boyfriend, actually," I interrupted her. She smiled at me and nodded.

"Well, maybe your boyfriend can do the talking, that way it's easier for me to check your face and everything." (lol don't kill me I have no idea how this stuff works)

"Yeah, sure," he cleared his throat for a second, and the woman started getting various tools and started checking up on me, "well, basically he just got punched to the nose, after which he lost his balance and fell with his back against a dining table and got a bit dizzy. I guess that's all?"

The check-up lasted not all too long, and I was released with a smile and her telling me nothing serious was wrong, though my cheek might start swelling a bit and that I had to pay attention to my nose, and if it began bleeding again I had to come back. I was advised to just cool both my nose and cheek three times a day until the swelling went away, and to be careful not to get punched by anyone else. The last was said along with a laugh from her side.

So when we left the small room, we went to sit at a random table in the hospital to wait for Alfie and Zoe, who had gone to grab something to eat for us.

"You alright?" Con asked me, for what seemed like the twentieth time. I knew he meant it good, but it was slightly annoying. Very cute, but also a bit too much.

"Yeah, I told you before, I'm perfectly fine, pretty boy," I replied, after which I tipped his nose with my index finger and smiled. Not much later, I had grabbed my phone out of my back pocket, and asked Connor to take a picture. Just a simple one for snapchat and twitter, and when it was taken I leaned my head on his shoulder, typing a quick caption. For the snapchat one, it just read "hospital :c", whereas the twitter one was longer.

‪In the hospital bc this homophobic restaurant owner punched me in the face for holding my boyfriends hand 😒😒 don't eat at @/restaurantname‬
*attached picture*

I then turned off my phone after that, and let my hand rest on Connor's thigh, drawing small circles, tracing lines and making artwork no one could see with the touch of my finger. I was tired. I was also hungry, but mostly tired. Connor had his arm around me, and the silence between us was comforting.

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