thirty six

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I woke up all alone. There was a certain warmth missing that had been there last night. I shivered, pulling the sheets closer to my body, wrapping myself up in them like a burrito. I didn't want to get up just yet. It wasn't like the last day before the spring break was going to be productive.

When I decided to finally get up, I noticed a small piece of paper lying on the drawer next to my bed. Curious, I picked the post-it note up.

Hey Angel :-)
I had to leave early to avoid my parents getting worried :-( I grabbed one of your sweaters, as I didn't feel like wearing the same shirt as yesterday. Hope u don't mind.
See you at school
Kisses & Cuddles,

A huge smile appeared on my face, and when I noticed he'd forgotten to take his shirt with him, I picked it up, deciding that even though he didn't want to wear it today, I wanted to. Two could play this game.

After I had showered and was walking to the kitchen, still with that lovesick smile on my face, I froze. From inside the kitchen/dining room I could hear my family whispering, giggling.

"Do you think they you know... did it?"

"Sage!" I heard my mom gasp, but she chuckled then herself.

"What? I mean, they were both topless and lying in the same bed, asleep!"

"Fair point there, lil' sis, but I don't think they did. I mean, would be pretty early on in their relationship, wouldn't it? And besides, the boy wouldn't have left this morning if they would've. He would have stayed to see our little Tokkie wake up- not rush off because he was worried his parents were gonna kill him for not coming home last night."

"Okay. No. I'm out, I don't want to hear this stuff from you guys. It's too awkward."

I realised I was still frozen outside of the door when it swung open, and Tyde rushed out, almost bumping into me. "Oh, 'morning Troye." He mumbled, and it didn't take me twice to see his face going red.

I entered the room, trying not to show I'd heard the conversation going on. It was silent, and the silence was deafening. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table, next to Sage.

The tension in the room was awkward, and I tried to forget about what I'd caught them talking about. However, my sweet sister decided to bring up the topic. She had a huge smirk on her face, and leaned forwards a bit. She was sitting next to me, yes, but she was facing me entirely.

"So, had fun last night?" I almost chocked on my cereal, my eyes going bit. It wasn't that it was such a weird question, more the underlying suggestive tone beneath it.

"Sage! But to answer your question, yes, it was a fun evening. How was Tyde's play?" I was desperate to change the topic. Not because I didn't want to think about Connor, more because I didn't want to think about what they had been thinking about me and Connor.

They all laughed; mum, Sage and Steele. I just blushed, continuing to eat my breakfast.

"The play was great! Ty- wait. Is that a new shirt?"

I looked down at my shirt, already knowing the answer. The light blue tee I was wearing wasn't mine. It was the one Connor'd been wearing yesterday. It was soft, and smelt like him. I liked it.

"Oh. Err- no, it eh, it's Connor's" I stuttered, going red in my face and getting up immediately after. "I have to get ready for school! See you tonight, bye!"

They weren't able to contain their chuckles and their laughter, and I wasn't able to prevent my face from getting the same shade as a tomato. And I didn't even like tomatoes.

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