forty six

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I awoke to a hand stroking my hair, to lips pressing a small kiss against my forehead. I awoke to warmth and safety, to arms wrapped around me and legs tangled together with mine. I awoke to the smell of clean clothes and a faint smell of mint. I awoke to Troye.

When he noticed I was awake, he pulled away a bit, a smile forming on his face. I stirred a bit, realising how achy my body was. I wondered if I had moved at all in my sleep.

"Hey, you're awake," he muttered, moving a hair away from my face. I nodded, closing my eyes again and burying my head in his chest once more. This caused the other boy to laugh softly, to which I opened my eyes again, glaring at him. It only caused his smile to grow.

"How'd you sleep?"

I rubbed my eyes with the back if my hand and yawned. I had no idea what time it was, but judging from the bright ray of sunshine shining into Troye's room, I guessed it was at least past eight in the morning.

"Fine, I guess?" It was supposed to come out more as a statement rather than a question, but that failed. Just as the volume of my voice.

"Good. C'mon, I'll try and make us something to eat." He pressed a small kiss onto my nose and sat up. Cold immediately wrapped around me, taking the place of Troye's warmth. I shivered, desperately wanting the comfort of being held, of being tangles together and sharing body heat, back. But I was awake now, my mind already working it's gears while my body was still sluggish in its movements.

I watched as Troye put on a sweater, having previously slept in a shirt, and I watched as he turned to me, cocking his head to the side slightly.

I blinked a couple times, trying to wake up a bit more, before getting out of the bed, leaving the covers where they were and walking to the door where Troye had only just gone through. Together we walked downstairs, only to find no one downstairs. Stealing a glance at the clock, I didn't think I managed to keep in my gasp. It was two past eleven already.

"Hm?" The Australian boy hummed, turning his head around.

"Oh. Nothing, just didn't know it was this late already..." I fumbled a bit with the ends of my sleeves, and gave Troye a shy smile. The boy then bend down and got some pans.

I hoisted myself up to the counter, sitting about half a meter away from the stove where Troye was heating up a pan. My shoulders were hunched, my fingers holding the counter on the sides of my legs, which were dangling loosely.

"Where is everyone?" I wondered out loud, the thought having crossed my mind since walking downstairs and finding the house empty except for Troye, me, and their dog, Jagga- who was sleeping, by the way.

"Went out sightseeing or something, doing family things." He answered while cracking eggs into the pan and fully concentrating on not getting any shell into it.

"Oh." I didn't really know what to think. They all went out as a family, except for Troye. Because he was here. With me. On one hand that made me happy, the fact that he wanted to spend time with me. But on the other hand it made me feel guilty. He was here, at home. Not spending time with his family, whom he hadn't seen in a week. I felt like I was restricting him by having stayed here for the night. Surely he would have been having a much more fun day if he had gone out with them.

He must have noticed my silence, because he stepped aside from the stove, turning the fire low and letting the eggs just sit there. He stood in front of me now, searching my eyes with his, locking his gaze with mine. I looked away.

"Hey," his voice was soft, and I looked up to meet his eyes again. He was rubbing against my hipbone with his right hand, his other hand resting on my upper leg. "I'd rather be here with you when you need someone than out with them in some boring museum. Heck, I'd choose you over a museum anytime, you're more beautiful than any art in there."

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