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I was still at Connor's house. We had spent the last hour just talking about life. Not deep talking, though, just more scraping the surface. I had tried ignoring my phone the whole time. Sage knew. Tyde knew. Steele knew. My parents knew. They also knew I was at Connor's right now.

They weren't the ones calling. That was Zoe. And Tyler. And I didn't want to talk to them. I was sure they wanted an explanation and wanted to know what had happened, but I didn't feel like calling them back.

Connor looked up when my phone rung again. We were lying on his bed on our backs. I had had the urge to close that little gap between us as soon as we got into this position. The only way we were touching was our legs and feet, ever so often moving. Every time I became aware of my foot, my leg, touching his, tiny tingling sparks flew up my body. I longed to run my hands through his hair and just get that little bit closer. But I couldn't.

"Troye..." he sighed, "can you just answer your phone already?" He sounded a tad annoyed, but not too much.

"But what if I don't want to talk to them, Con?" I whispered, playing with one of the curls in my quiff.

"You'll have to eventually. They've been dialling you for... what is it, two hours now?" He was right. Basically since we got here they were dialling or texting almost nonstop, and they'd been for the past day, just not as much.

I sighed, knowing all too well that I had to answer them. I got up from Connor's bed, suddenly feeling cold. The bed had been warm for my back, and Connor's leg had felt even warmer against mine.
I sat down in his spinning chair at his desk, and opened his laptop. The green eyed boy was up almost instantly too.

"What are you doing, Troye?"

I chuckled at his defence. Really, I just opened his laptop and was looking for the Skype app on it.

"Where's your Skype, Connor?" I asked, and after having him open it for me, I logged in and picked up my phone to message Zoe and Tyler I was going to call them on Skype. They were relieved I finally gave signal of life, and said they'd immediately open their laptops.

My conversations with Tyler on Skype consisted mostly- or should I say only?- of him sending me links. To The shameless self promo was always there. I shook my head, and opened a call with "Zoeeeeeeeeee" and "Tilly". The laptop was placed on the chair and I went to sit down on Connor's bed again.

They answered quickly, both eager to greet me.

"Troyee! Oh my god I am so worried are you okay? Where are you? Is that your home? It looks different from the pictures you send me and- who's that?" Zoe rambled, while Tyler greeted me, but didn't say anything more, clearly letting Zoe talk for now.

I noticed Connor went to sit next to me, an awkward smile plastered on his face.

"Ohmygod he's cute Troye, can I have him? No wrapping paper needed, just give him to the queen like that." Tyler winked, and I laughed. Connor was cute. But I wasn't going to admit that. The boy of the matter though, turned a bit red and clearly got shy.

"Hi to you too, guys. I'm so sorry for calling only now. Especially for you Zoe. I didn't really pay attention to time zones. Guess I'm still getting used to those. As for the questions, no I'm not home, this is Connor, you can not have him, Tyler, he's like my only real friend here so far, and I'm at his. And... I'm fine. I'm not okay, but I'll be alright. I guess." I had gotten more silent the more I spoke, and I could clearly see they were concerned.

"Okay. Well, Troye? Do you know what those tweets were about? Because I'm really worried and curious and have you kept things for us?" Tyler sounded a bit offended. I didn't know if he faked it or not, but I laughed anyway. Tyler was always so over the top. Literally, always. Anywhere, with anyone, no matter what.

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