fifty two

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It was completely dark, and I woke up with a grunt, patting my bed to look for the noise. I had my eyes closed, not wanting to open them yet. What time was it even? And why was my phone ringing in what I thought was the middle of the night?

The teddybear that Con had given me at our one month anniversary- yes, we were that cliche couple- was clutched against my bare chest with one hand, while my other hand was still looking for the source of the noise. Which I was guessing was my phone, as I recognised the ringtone, but who the hell would be calling now?

After it stopped ringing and then started again I opened my eyes, deciding to give up on trying to keep them closed. It wasn't like I could look at my phone with closed eyes anyways. It didn't make much of a difference, given that it was pitch black and the spare room of Kayla's I was staying at. But I found my phone not much later, ready to press away whatever call it was, until I saw the caller ID; "Connah Frantah 💛". Despite still being mostly asleep, I pressed accept, and was met with a smiling Connor.

"Hi! Finally!" He started, and I squinted against the bright light that was my phone. I couldn't prevent a yawn coming from my mouth, which caused the boy to chuckle. Whereas he was wide awake, I was simply sleepy. If I were being completely honest, I wanted to go straight back to sleeping.

I yawned again, and a 'hey' left my mouth followed with a small laugh. It dawned upon me that he probably couldn't see me that well, as it was completely dark in here. I put my phone down and clicked a small light on, only to cuddle within the blankets after that.

I would have preferred to cuddle up against Connor. To nuzzle my head in his chest and to fall asleep. To have his arms pressing me against him and to have his legs entangled with mine. To have him be my warmth source instead of having to be my own source of warmth.

"Aren't you supposed to be in class, Con?" I squinted. He was clearly in the bathroom, probably in a single toilet stall. I would've cocked my head to the side if I were sitting up right, but you know, cocking your head to the side is quite difficult when you're already lying on your side. The bright light was also still blinding me, but I felt like if I closed my eyes even for a mere second, I would fall asleep, and I didn't want to fall asleep now that I was talking to my pretty boy.

"Oh," he giggled, and I practically melted right there and then. "Err, I probably should yes, but I wanted to talk to you. It's not like History is my worst subject anyway, my grades won't go down because I'm missing one class." His eyes were shining brightly, small sparkles probably dotted all over them. I would say they were, but truly, I couldn't completely see.

"Ah, skipping class now, a-" I yawned- "are we?"

"Hmm, just for you, though," he replied with a grin, which caused me to smile no matter how tired I was.

"You shou-" I really had to stop yawning- "shouldn't, Con." I shifted a bit, and put my hand underneath my head, still clutching the teddybear to my chest with the other one. He apparently noticed my movement, and his eyes shifted down to my chest, to the teddybear and his eyes got a bit wider.

"Wait-" he said, enthusiasm lacing through his voice along with surprise. "Is that the teddybear I gave you?" He furrowed his brows, probably trying to get a closer look.

I hummed, burying my nose in the soft fabric, before letting out a chuckle when seeing Connors amazed face.

"What? Reminds me of you and that way I'll always have a piece of you with me wherever I am."

I shifted between my blankets once again, getting less yawn-y with time, but still feeling as if I could fall asleep any moment upon closing my eyes.

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