fifty five

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We were a bit over halfway through the week, and I was as stressed as one could be. It was Wednesday, the exams had taken a toll on me, and I'd barely gotten any sleep the past few days. Which basically had started with Troye getting back from Perth and me picking him up from the airport at like three in the morning. I knew that wasn't an excuse, but that Friday- technically Saturday- had been the first night of barely sleeping, or sleeping late- I had slept until longer that morning. The other days however, as I had laid in my bed staring at the ceiling in the dark, my mind had been running.

It had been jumping from "did I study everything?" to "I'm going to fail all my exams" and "but what if everybody hates me?". Really, it was all over the place. It resulted into me getting out of my bed at four am, just to read through the history textbook once more to be sure I hadn't missed a paragraph while studying. It also lead to the fact that I was ready to fall asleep now, even though it was only two pm in the midday, and we'd just gotten out of said history exam.

We were sitting on a small field of grass next to the school, and I squeezed my eyes shut tight. I let myself fall backwards and turned on my stomach, burying my head in my arms. The grass was tickling me, and I tried to shut out the talking of my friends as best as I could. I just wanted to go sleep now, no matter how pathetic that might sound. I wanted this week to be over already. I wanted to have other things on my mind, but life wasn't always fun. I knew that, but that didn't mean I liked it. There was a reason the parts of life that weren't fun, weren't fun, if that made any sense.

"Hey," I lifted my head up a little, just to see the Australian boy sit down next to me. Within a matter of seconds however, my head was buried in my arms, the grass, again. I replied with a groggy "hi", and heard the boys around me chuckle a bit.

"Oh come on, Franta, you did fine on that exam. I'm sure of it," Kian said, poking my arm. I shook my head 'no', sure I'd ruined the exam. I mean, I had rushed the last half an hour because I realised we only had thirty minutes left and I still had ten questions to go. So I'd probably fucked up all those questions, probably having answered the stupidest stuff on it instead of just taking my time to answer it and think the question through. It wouldn't surprise me if I'd answered something about world war two with something about the renaissance, for instance.

"Right, then not, you'll see that when we receive our grades yours will be all A's, and ours will be all over the place." I couldn't see him then, but I was pretty sure he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head as he said that. I rolled over to lie on my back, a sigh escaping my mouth, and blocked out the sun with my arms high above my head. "Hmm... maybe."

Troye seemed to take the opportunity of me now lying on my back to lie his head atop of my stomach. "I mean, I'm sure you aced it, Connie. You called me last night at like, what was it, four am, all stressed out and asking something about Michelangelo you weren't sure of. I mean if you didn't at least ace History, I'll leak my EP, deal?" The casual matter in which he said it made my eyes pop open in shock, and I almost chocked on my spit.

"W-what?" I said upright within a matter of seconds, almost crushing the Australian's head in the process. "No!" I exclaimed, not believing the words he had just said. In response, he just let out a small chuckle. "Troye! You can't say stuff like that!"

"Why not?" He shrugged his shoulders, and went to sit with his legs crossed, facing me sideways. I settled a bit better myself, crossing my ankles and leaning back on my shoulders.

"Because your EP is serious business, Troye!"

"Yeah, and I'm sure you got an A on that test. And anyways, if you really don't, I won't leak it, don't worry. Was just trying to make my point. You got nothing to worry about, pretty boy."

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