thirty seven

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(small note/warning: use of homophobic slang)


We waiting to board the plane, and if it weren't for Connor excitedly bouncing up and down, I would have been bored to death. Even though it was five in the morning, there was a huge smile on my face. My hand was holding his, and I was laughing at how excited he was. Apparently, he had told me, he had never been on a plane before.

It took us a while to get onto the plane, and by the time we sat down I had answered about twenty texts from my mom asking if we were sure we hadn't forgotten anything, telling us to have fun, that she would miss me. I sighed, and put away my phone. I went to grab Connor's hand, but noticed it wasn't there. Instead, he had both of his hands on the small window, his face pressed against it. I laughed at the sight, it was adorable. And thus, I picked my phone up again, and opened snapchat to take a picture of the boy with the line "guy's never been on a plane before" attached to it. I chuckled, quickly posting it to my story before laying one hand on his knee. He stiffened up a bit, but relaxed not long after, not breaking away from the small window any second. He even had his seatbelt on already.


I bolted upright and froze. Connor did too, shoving my hand off his knee in an instant. I shot him an apologetic smile. I didn't want to hide this is front of fans, but I didn't want them and the media to drape all over my relationship, if I was being honest. Turning towards the hysteric girl, I put a smile on my face.

"Hi? I heard my name?"

"Ohmygod... c-can I take a picture?" She had her hand over her mouth, and her phone in her other hand. The girl was standing in the pathway, but nobody was being held up by her, as they could all pass. I stood up, and went to give her a hug and pose for a picture.

"I- is this real?" There were tears in her eyes, and her speech was uneven. It was more of a rhetorical question, I supposed, as she then walked away to where her seat was.


"Tro! Ohmygod! The world is so tiny! Look!" I laughed at how excited he sounded, and even though I knew, how tiny the world looked from up in the air, I bended over to look at it with him. Connor's voice was high-pitched, and his eyes wide. The smile on his face was hugs, and his jaw was hanging open a bit. Pure amazement was written over his face, and when he was past the first point of surprise, he grabbed his phone out of his back pocket and quickly shot some pictures.

I grabbed my phone too, to snap some pictures with it, but of him instead of the view. He was the view. Literally, I couldn't even look out of the window without seeing him first. He blocked it for me. But I didn't care. I actually preferred this view of an adorable boy with an amazed look on his face. The view of chestnut hair which he hadn't yet took the time for to actually 'do'. The look of freckles with which you could play connect-the-dots and create beautiful constellations all over his body. I preferred the view of a beautiful boy above the view of a tiny city we were flying over. Both I'd seen many times, both I would never get tired of seeing, both beautiful in it's own way, but the last way more attractive and appealing to me in this very moment.

I just chuckled, and quickly pecked his lips with mine. The guy sitting on my right let out an annoyed huff at this.

"Excuse me?! Could you not do that in front of me? I don't want that stuff shown publicly, it's gross and unnatural. Keep your faggot habits away, if you don't mind." His face was red, blotchy, and there was anger written all over his body.

Connor, sitting next to me, shrunk into his seat and I instinctively grabbed his hand in mine, holding it tight. I turned towards the middle aged man sitting on my right and squared my shoulders. I turned my body so, that, even though I was smaller and Connor was way broader than me, I was in front of him, almost protectively.

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