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Brighton had been fun. We'd spend time hanging out on the beach and just exploring the seaside city in general. We'd met up with some other friends of Troye's. Friends that him and Zoe and Alfie all shared. That midday was the midday I had felt slightly left out, as they were all talking and laughing about past events and I couldn't relate in any way, but I was there the whole time, and had enjoyed it. I'd gotten to know some of his British friends, and even exchanged numbers with nearly all of them.

But we were in London now, and all I had done so far was look at the city in awe. I was pretty sure that, if it hadn't been for the fact that I was holding onto Troye's hand, I had wandered off long ago and run into a pole or get run over by a car or something. I wasn't used to big cities, so anytime there was a cyclist or care nearby or someone honked, I jumped. Troye apparently thought this matter was very funny, so he was laughing pretty much the whole time.

Not that I was complaining or anything, I loved hearing and seeing him laugh, even if it was at my expense. Well, that wasn't entirely true, but as long as it wasn't really humiliating at my part, I was okay with it. Because him laughing because of me pretty much meant that I was there in person to see him laugh.

We arrived to the three star hotel somewhat after one in the midday, it was Wednesday now, and upon arrival we immediately went to our room to drop our bags, before heading out again. We were lucky, as it wasn't raining and there was actually some sun out. It wasn't too cold either, just cold enough that a simple hoodie wasn't and enough and you had to wear a jacket, but long from cold enough to wear a thick coat.


After having lunch in a small lunchroom, we set out to explore the magical London, and the time was spent with acting like total goofs, laughter, stolen glances from my side, holding his hand and hugging him close, sudden kisses from both of our sides, and getting nasty looks for being in the 'short' line for the London eye. The midday was spent with me looking at Troye rather than the things we were here to look at, but I didn't really mind. I got my fair part of sightseeing. the part I enjoyed most about walking in London with was that I was walking in London with him. The part where we got to hold hand and stand still to just randomly hug or share a kiss.

The midday of fun was over way too soon, and even though it wasn't that cold, I was totally down to head into a coffeeshop and get some coffee and warm up and chat. Not like we hadn't talked this day, in fact, it was all we had done apart from kissing and enjoying peaceful moments of silence, where I was looking at either a statue or building or whatever in awe and where Troye chuckled slightly. One thing that annoyed me about walking around with the beautiful boy though, was that he was taller than me. Like, he wasn't actually taller, I was, but the only shoes he'd been wearing so far on this trip were his signature platform Chuck Taylors, and with those on, he was slightly taller than me.

Another thing that annoyed me a tad, even though I would never say it out loud, was that we had been stopped multiple times by fans of his. Some of those who were basically in shock by simply seeing him, some of those who were in tears, and some of those who were to shy to walk up to him theirselves. But almost all of them asked him- us-, if I was his boyfriend, to which he just smiled, sometimes while holding my hand, sometimes while giving them a hug. I guess they guessed the answer themselves after that. Believe me, I didn't mind stopping at all, the look that appeared in Troye's eyes whenever someone called after him, the one of sheer amazement, shock and slight pride, made me all warm from inside.

"Hey, what about we go for some coffee here, keep to ourselves for a bit?" Troye suggested, as if being able to read my mind. His quiff wasn't as intact as it had been this morning, which was probably due to the wind here, and there were strands of hair springing everywhere. I had the urge to fix his hair, but it looked absolutely adorable. I nodded, after which he shot me a goofy grin, only to drag me inside the coffeeshop after that.

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