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It was Wednesday now, and we had PE. To say I'd rather be anywhere else now would be an understatement. The only adrenaline in my body was the excitement from Music before lunch.

We had gotten our new 'project' handed out, and the next lessons would be spent individually, with mrs Sangster paying attention to another student each hour. I was quite pleased with that. We had also gotten information about an apparently quite big school performance, where we each would have to participate in, but were totally free as to what kind of musical performance we wanted to. I already looked forward to it. It would be near the end of the school year, so we still had a lot of time to prepare and get everything for our other lessons done.

PE, on the other hand, was something I'd much rather switch for pretty much anything else. Me and exercise didn't really go well together. It was like pasta and sour-candy, an absolute no go. The only perk of PE was that, because it was winter, we had it in a gym hall. That meant that at least we wouldn't have to run laps. At least, so I thought.

"Alright class, we'll be climbing today. Ropes as well as the climbing wall. Two groups please; girls to the ropes, boys to the wall!" Our PE teacher was overly exited at the thought of climbing, while I groaned. His eyes sparkled and his mouth was formed into a huge grin. He wasn't too old, but balding already. I think he was in his thirties somewhere.

Connor, Kian and JC excitedly dragged me along to the wall, all seeming pretty eager to participate in said physical activity. Ugh.

"Oh come on, Troye, it'll be fun!" Connor's green eyes shone bright and he already wore the climbing attire. How he had managed to do that so fast, I didn't know.

"No. No, it won't. Me and physical activities don't go together." I argued. It wasn't like I would have the opportunity to not participate in this, but if I could, I would.

"Really, Troye? I'm sure you can climb. We'll catch you if you fall," Kian chirped in. I had no doubt they would, but that didn't really reassure me. What if I'd fall to my death? They were all grinning like idiots, looking at me expectantly, to which I could only return a small smile.

"Yeah, sure." Despite my slightly sarcastic undertone, I smiled at them. They're really nice. Especially Connor. But that's probably just because he was the one introducing me and showing me around. He was that one that showed interest at first.

It turned out they needn't catch me. I didn't go all the way up though, I merely got to the three metres point with my torso before jumping of with a yelp. All of the other guys went up as far as they could, which was up to the ceiling, which was 6.5 metres. It wasn't that I didn't dare to go higher, it's just that I wasn't really good at latching on to the holds and finding a strategy to climb. I also didn't really have the strength for the climbing part.

The rope climbing however, was whole another story. The only person that got to the top was Connor, while I could hardly make it off the ground. Oh well, I never really cared about sports anyway. I also wasn't fat or something like that, so I didn't really need it to stay healthy.

When PE was done, I walked back home. Mom and dad weren't able to pick me up, and I didn't mind walking home, even though it was really cold. I had my headphones in and was quietly humming along with the song, not really paying attention to whatever was happening around me.

"Troye! Troye hold up!" I barely heard the shouts, but turned around anyways.

"Hey, JC," I said, a smile appearing on my face.

"Do you mind if I walk with you?" He asked, clearly not wanting to bother me. I didn't mind at all though; I was actually kind of relieved that I had made some sort of friends, if you already could call those guys my "friends".

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