twenty six

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I didn't know this picture was taken. It'd been taken weeks ago. It'd even been posted weeks ago. But I hadn't seen it before. Until now, when my mentions were full if retweets of the picture.

I could cry now if I wanted to. Tears were burning behind my eyes, and my gaze had become unfocused. The fact that I was in class didn't really help the situation. The fact that we weren't allowed to look at our phones while in class neither. But when you get multiple texts from one of your best friends whom you've tried dating with for two weeks, and your mentions are all of sudden blowing up, I had the idea that looking at your phone was the best idea.

"S-sir?" I raised my hand, scared my math teacher was going to call me out. He'd done so before, and I was scared he'd be mad at me for talking. "C-can I go to th-the toilet, ph-please?" I continued, my voice shaking, tears welling up in my eyes. I didn't know why I was so affected by this. It was just a picture, after all. But a picture like this sparked rumours, and it meant people not appreciating my privacy enough.

"Sure, Mellet. Don't take too long." He told me, after which I hastily got up, phone in the back pocket of my black skinny jeans. I left behind a very confused looking Connor, who tried grabbing my hand when I stood up, trying to make me look at him. I ignored him, walking to the toilets as fast as I could without running.

When I reached the toilets, I immediately locked myself into a stall, glad to find there was nobody here. I got my phone out, looking at the tweets with horror.

Troyee: Em? Help

Emmaconfetti: 'sup, Troyeboy?

Troyee: have u seen twitter?

I was shaking when I clicked on send, and pulled my legs up on the toilet, hugging them with my arms while waiting for a response.

Emmaconfetti: Nah, y?

Troyee: *picture attachment*
Troyee: this

Emmaconfetti: shit.
Emmaconfetti: u okay?
Emmaconfetti: gotta admit tho, hella cute picture. U guys kissed already?

Troyee: idk & yes we did


Troyee: em...

Emmaconfetti: riGHT
Emmaconfetti: Sorry. R u in school rn? Bc I'll call u when you're classes r done & ur home, kay ?

Troyee: okay

I bit down on my lip, hard, trying to prevent tears streaming down my face. My sight was blurred as blurred as my mind, and my phone fell from my hands. I didn't know why I was so extremely affected. I just knew I didn't want this to come out. This is even more private than lyrics, or where I live. But it wasn't something that my management could help me with. This was personal on whole another level.

The door to the stalls opened, and I hugged my legs tighter to my chest. I wanted to pick up my phone, but I didn't want to acknowledge I was here. Whoever had entered hopefully was just gonna pee and leave.

"Tro?" The voice called out. The voice I immediately recognised as Connor's. He took a couple steps before he tried to open the stall I was in.

"Tro? I know you're in there. Please open up..." his voice was soft, as if not to disturb me. It was soothing, and managed to calm me down a bit. And so I stood up and unlocked the door, pushing it open just a bit. I blinked away some tears, nor wanting to cry about such a stupid thing.

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