twenty nine

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Troye had asked me to come with him to the studio. He wanted me there, as it was the last recording session they would have. He just wanted to perfect this one song, Happy Little Pill, a bit more, and then he would be finished with recording. The tracks had all been produced by now, except for the one he was going to perfect today.

I didn't know why he wanted me to come with him, but I knew I didn't really care. After all, it meant spending more time with him. Currently, we were in the back of their car, with Steele driving us there. I wondered if driving Troye to his sessions never annoyed him, but when I asked him he said he didn't mind, as he had enough to do while waiting and he supported his little brother a lot and he didn't always drive. He told me their parents sometimes drove too, but he mostly did.

Steele had raised his eyebrows when Troye had dragged me to the car, hands intertwined, but he hadn't asked anything. It relieved me. I was scared they would find out, though Troye didn't seem like he was. He had told me repeatedly that they would only love it when they found out, which made me smile.

I hadn't yet told him about Nicola. I didn't even know why I hadn't told him yet. It wasn't like I didn't want to, it was just... I guess I had to find the right moment and way to tell him, and I was still looking for that. I wasn't as much scared of his reaction, no, I was sure he would only be happy for me, but at the same time I was. We had, after all, agreed on keeping this relationship a secret, or to at least hide it when we were surrounded with people. But that was because I wasn't ready to come out yet, no matter how harsh that may sound.

"Tro?" I started, fumbling with my hands. He was sitting directly next to me, in the middle seat. He'd been drumming along to the music with his fingers for the past forty minutes, softly singing along. We hadn't really talked much, but we'd laughed. We had held hands, we had rested our heads on each others shoulders, and Troye had given me a small peck on my cheek when we were driving through a small alley. We'd been giddy, but a comfortable silence had set between us the past five minutes.

"Hmm?" He turned to me, his blue eyes big and sparkling happily. I smiled at the sight. He had one eyebrow slightly raised, questioning.

"Nicola knows," I blurted out. Upon saying this, his eyes grew wide. Confusion was written over his face, his brows furrowed, lips pursed together, and eyes big. His gaze went from my face to my hands, noticing the unrest in my body. He grabbed one of them within an instant, running his thumb across the back of my hand soothingly. I relaxed under his touch, the tenseness seeping out of my body with every touch.

"S- she heard us talking to Tyler last Thursday, and came to talk to me when you were home and I was making my homework. She-" I swallowed the lump in my throat, focusing on where Troye's leg touched mine, where his thumb ran across my hand "she said she doesn't care at all. That she won't tell mom and dad, that- that she still l... loves me..."

I threw my head back, looking up to the roof of the car, blinking away some tears.I didn't want to cry, but somehow I couldn't help it. These were happy tears, right? I was happy Nicola was so accepting.

"Hey, Connie, that's amazing. Small steps, right? You're doing great, pretty boy." He whispered the last part while wiping away the tears from my face. He had forced me to look at him, and because of that, I smiled weakly.

"Thank you so much, Tro," I whispered in response, intertwining our fingers again, and letting the smaller boy lean his head on my shoulder for the remaining minutes of the drive.


"My happy little pill... take me away... dry my eyes," I couldn't help but stare at him. He was singing as if his life depended on it, completely engulfed with the music. And he sounded amazing. I was sitting next to a girl who I learned was Alex, and I realised I'd seen her before. The day Troye had walked into class practically demanding for the person who tweeted his lyrics she'd been the one to speak up to the class, telling us that we could be sitting there all week if nobody told us he or she had tweeted it. My mouth was wide agape, my eyes big, as I stared at the boy in disbelief. When he finished the part he wanted to perfect today, he hung the headphones over the microphone, and flashed a big grin at us.

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