twenty seven

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"So..." I started, getting my phone from my pocket and tucking my legs beneath me. Connor was looking at me expectantly, and I gave him a little smile.

"You remember that day the lyrics leaked? When you started walking me home but there was a group of girls running after us? That moment you called your mum and wrapped your arms around me?" I asked him while unlocking my phone and texting Tyler a brief message that I'd call or FaceTime him in a couple minutes.

"Yeah? What's with that?"

"Well," I pressed my lips on each other tightly, swallowing the forming lump in my throat, before regaining the ability to speak again. "I don't know if you heard it, but I heard them asking each other questions, and apparently someone took a picture of that moment where you where hugging m-me, a-and that p-picture got noticed by more people today and it's spreading like- like wildfire... a-and," I wiped a tear from my eyes in frustration, only to open the twitter app and look up the picture while talking, "now everyone is questioning if I have a boyfriend, who you are, wh- when and where that picture was taken and, to- to be honest it's kinda stressing me out," I mumbled. I knew I shouldn't worry about it too much, it was just a picture. Nothing more. But I couldn't help myself. I hated invasion of privacy and the fact that this was the third thing that had leaked in the past two months or so, really frustrated me. I knew we never should've moved away from Perth. It had, after all, all begun when we came here.

"Hey, hey," Connor whispered to me, "it'll be alright, yeah. C'mere." He opened his arms then, pulling me in a hug and that accidentally made us fall down on his bed together, which, in it's turn, lead to both of us laughing. Oh how fast my mood could change to something positive when I was in the arms of that boy.

"Connah! That hurt!" I told him jokingly, still laughing.

"Aww, sorry, do you need a kiss where you're hurt?" He pouted, to which I nodded with pleading eyes, a huge smile still on my face. He then proceeded to gently press a kiss against my hand, which had landed underneath him when we fell down.

"Hmm, but my neck hurts too..." I whined jokingly. When Connor actually pressed kisses down my neck I couldn't help but grin. His hands were on my hips now, and the fact that I'd been fighting against tears just seconds ago was entirely forgotten.

"Anywhere else, angel?" He asked, a bright sparkle in his eyes.

"My lips?" I asked him. I mean, neither my neck nor my lips had been hurt, but I loved his gentle kisses on my skin, his loving kisses on my lips. I grinned at him, and he slowly kissed me. He pressed one hand in the small of my back, while holding himself up with his other arm. The kiss was gentle, my eyes closed. I supposed his were too. It ended way too soon for my liking, but I saw Connor grin when he pulled away.

"Better?" He asked, clearly proud of his actions.

"Yeah, lots." It went silent for a couple seconds then, and I remembered I was going to show him the tweet of us hugging and that Tyler would probably call or something soon.

I sat upright again, unlocking my phone to the original tweet immediately. I handed my phone over to the boy sitting in front of me, who gasped as soon as he saw the picture in combination with the amount of retweets, likes, and reactions. I just sheepishly smiled at him, rubbing the back of my neck while avoiding his eyes.

"Woah..." he exclaimed, stunned. "Also,  Tilly Oaktree is facetiming you. Shall I answer?" He asked, after which I nodded and scooted closer to him.

"Troyeee! Where are you?" Tyler greeted us enthusiastically. I could see his coloured hair, and picked up my phone to show me and Con.

Before I could even answer he squealed, which lead to me chuckling.

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