twenty three

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I guess I wasn't really the best at hiding my reddening cheeks during English. It was due to that, that the boys wouldn't stop asking me about Troye and about this weekend. They didn't know anything and I surely wasn't about to tell them, but I was sure they somehow knew I liked the boy- which, to be honest, I couldn't really blame them for. I'd hung out with Troye a lot since I'd gotten to know him. And even though we didn't cuddle at school or anything like that, we might've sat a little bit closer than usual in the past few weeks.

During class, my mind kept drifting away from the lesson, and I was thankful for Ricky sitting next to me, because otherwise I would've gotten scolded a thousand times already for not paying attention. I wasn't the only one having a hard time though, Troye apparently did too. But he didn't have someone sitting next to him to alert him, and when mr. Sinclair asked him a question and he didn't notice, I wished I was sitting next to him to give him a small nudge. But I wasn't, and the boy was so lost in though he didn't notice the teacher snapping his fingers in front of him. It was quit a funny sight to see him look up, bewildered.

"Oh. I'm sorry sir, it won't happen again. I was just lost in thought over something that happened in the weekend..." He responded, after which he was left alone and mr Sinclair carried on his lesson. I grinned at the boy, who was smiling shyly at me.


The last two hours were music, and Troye and I were sitting in the back of the class, silently chatting about his music career; about his silly dreams to be as good as Michael Jackson one day and how when he was young he was always singing. We were interrupted by a tap on my shoulder though, and I looked up in annoyance to find the face of a girl I'd been chatting with after Troyes performance of The Fault in Our Stars a couple weeks ago.

"What do you want, Layla?" I asked her, maybe a little too harsh. Her eyes thinned out a bit and she glared at me, before turning her face to Troye and sweetly smiling at him. I rolled my eyes, but couldn't help but be annoyed. As usual, mrs Sangster had told us to just work on our end of the year performance, which was a bit problematic for me as well as Troye. For one, I couldn't sing for shit, I only knew how to write, and Troye had no idea what he wanted to do for the performance. Layla proceeded to take out a chair and sit between me and Troye, so that we now were sitting a small triangle.

My eyes flickered towards the boy sitting half opposite, half next to me. He was looking at the girl with confusion written all over his face.

"Oh, I just wanted to ask Troye something." I didn't like how she didn't even look at me, her eyes focused on Troye only. It definitely didn't go past me that she was trying to flirt with him. Her voice was sickeningly sweet, and I rolled my eyes when she batted her eyes at Troye. Troye, on the other hand, let out a nervous laugh and smiled at me.

"Well, what do you wanna ask? Because I was telling here Connor a very amusing story." He was nice to her, just as he always was. It was one of the many things I admired of him. Because now, even when he was smiling at her, I could sense a tad of annoyance in his voice. He obviously didn't want to be rude. Layla turned to look at me when Troye mentioned me, but her smile wasn't all too genuine.

"Oh. Well, I wanted to ask you," she twirled a lock of her hair around her finger, trying to lock eyes with him, "what you're gonna do for the performance? I mean, we could team up if you want?"

"No. Bye Layla." He waved her off and looked at her until she went to sit with her friend again, malice in her eyes. She clearly wasn't all too happy with Troyes answer. I chuckled, it was quite funny sight, after all.


A week and a half later, I was stressing out. Since the Sunday Troye and I kissed we had spend nearly all time we could together, and I still couldn't really wrap my mind about the fact that this beautiful, angelic and precious boy wanted to be with me. Which was the reason I was fiddling with my pencil while in chemistry. We only had thirteen minutes left until the bell rung and we'd be free to go, and since I was planning on taking Troye on our first official date, I thought I had quite a valid reason to be nervous.

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