thirty three

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In two days Connor and I will have been together for a month. My mind still wasn't able to wrap around it. Right now, I was thinking about something to give him, somewhere to take him. I had some vague idea of what I could do, but I had no idea if it was actually possible. If, for instance, his parents would even allow him to. We were having lunch with the rest of the guys, and whereas the six of them were having a conversation about the importance of having purple board makers instead of red ones, I was trying to get Zoe to reply to my texts. I hadn't even asked mom and dad if it was okay yet, but I was going to pay by myself, and I just had to ask Zoe if it was possible.

You see, next week we had spring break, and Connor had told me he'd pretty much never been abroad, so I was thinking up a trip to England for the two of us. It would also mean that I could get to see lots of friends, which always was a good thing. And I would get to spend time with Connor abroad, we could go to London, for example. And Brighton, of course. Because if we were to actually go to England, we would stay over at Zoe's apartment. That's basically what the trip was depending on, whether Zoe would be in the position to have us stay over. I got excited already only thinking about it.

"Helloooo? Earth to Troye?" Trevor snapped his fingers in front of me, and I looked up in confusion, blinking a couple times before letting my gaze focus. "We were asking you if lilac markers would be better, or deep purple." Everyone was looking at me now, and I took a couple moments to think. "Lilac."

All boys except Trevor immediately erupted into a heated argument again, and I rolled my eyes. I had finished eating already, and rested my head in my hand, looking at the group of friends arguing over the colour of whiteboard markers.

"What were you thinking about, anyways?" The boy asked me, taking my attention away from the others. My cheeks heated up a bit, and some tingles went down my back. My gaze turned soft, and a secretive smile tugged at my lips.

"Oh. Just... something for," I nodded my head towards Connor, because I didn't want to mention his name. Mentioning his name would make him notice the conversation me and Trevor were having. He wiggled his eyebrows at me and smirked, and as a reaction on that, my cheeks went red.

"Ooooh, so tell me. What do you have planned?" He asked, leaning forward over the table, his eyes piercing into mine. I looked away, not possessing the ability to stare back at the boy.

"No, I'm not even sure if I can fix this, and besides," I lowered my tone to a whisper, as Connor was sitting next to me. He was still arguing with the boys, but that didn't mean he wouldn't be able to hear me at all, "he's sitting right here. I'm not going to ruin surprises, Trevor."

However, before the youngest of the group could answer, I spotted a brown haired girl in the corner of my eye, followed with a high shrieked "Connie!". My whole body seemed to turn to ice at that moment, my features hardening within seconds. Instead of staring at the girl who was now walking over to our table, I went to sit closer to Connor, not caring about the "we aren't going to be all couple-y in school"-rule we had set up. Under the table, I grabbed his hand and intertwined my fingers with his. Being closer than him, I could feel his unsteady breathing, his rigid shoulder against mine. I could see his wide eyes, and I could feel him panicking.

The table's mood had become tense, silence filling the air. Whereas just seconds ago there had been a heated argument about whiteboard markers, it was as if we'd just turned 180 degrees. Everyone was following the girl, sitting more upright and leaning a bit more towards Connor. He'd told everyone how the date with Dodie had gone on Sunday, and since then everyone had become alerted, taking alternative routes to classes when someone spotted her. But it didn't seem to have helped much, as here she was, now standing at the head of the table, which was basically next to me. All blood was drained from my hand as my pretty boy squeezed it tight.

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