something i wanna say // not an update

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okay so first of all, NO, this story isn't going to be put on hold/discontinued! I have at least like fifteen chapters planned before it ends (probs more)

and i know these are annoying af but iMSOHYPED.

basically, in january i came up with a oneshot idea and I've F I N A L L Y written it. I published a oneshots/thoughts thing book, and it's up there (: go read it if you want, please, i stuck quite a lot of time in it. It's called '"can you sing something, please?" // tronnor'

Pro tip tho: bring tissues.

okay so i'll leave now. I'll have an update up on saturday (i wanna say hopefully before but school and track and other stuff so we'll see about that), and will really try and update more often.

bye, i love you loads, thank you for taking the time to even read this story. Really, it means so fucking much to me.

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