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Despite Troye asking me if I please would not look up any videos of him, I did. The video that particularly stuck into my head was his coming out video and all the support it had gotten. The fact that he barely lost any subscribers-or so it seemed- and the fact that even today there were people commenting on how it helped them on coming our theirselves was amazing. It made me want to come out. But I didn't dare to. I was afraid of what people might say. I mean, I knew my friends most likely wouldn't care about me coming out, but I didn't know how my parents would think about it. Or my siblings, for that matter. We never talked about LGBT+ people at home. Never. So I didn't exactly knew my parents opinion.

When I got to school on Thursday, I was still thinking about that video. Don't ask me me why or how, but it honestly triggered something in me. It got me thinking that maybe I should come out. Most people seemed so supportive, but there were always those assholes who hated gay people. And I was scared, because, what if people in my class were like that? What if I would be the one getting beaten up? What would my parents think of me if I came out?

I was disrupted out of my thoughts when I heard the class go silent. I hadn't been paying attention during History- it wasn't as if my grades'd drop if I didn't pay attention anyway.

"Troye? Is Troye Mellet in this class?" I perked my head up and looked up at the boy sitting next to me. He looked a tad panicked, but raised his hand anyway.

"Great. Could you please follow me? And get your backpack too." Without a word, the blue eyed Australian stood up, grabbed his stuff, and slung his backpack over his shoulder.

My eyes followed him until he left the classroom. It occurred to me that, though he was lanky, he wasn't that tall. And though one might call him average looking, he looked amazing in my eyes. He was truly beautiful. But I couldn't permit thinking that. I'd only just met him about two weeks ago. That wasn't long enough to start crushing on someone, was it? And anyway, like I said, I still hardly knew the guy.

But for the rest of class, I couldn't stop thinking about the boy with the mellifluous voice.

It was only when class ended, that I noticed he'd left his phone on his table. I turned it over in my hands, and was about to put it in the front pocket of my jeans, when the screen lit up. He was being called. A small wave of panic washed over me as I waited for the call to end. I had no idea who Emma was, so I didn't dare pick up. It turned out Troye had ten missed calls already, and enough texts for me to scroll through his homescreen and not be able to count them easily. They were all question marks and 'Troye?', 'TROYE?' 'Yo Sivan' etc etc.

I didn't know whether it would be wise to answer the calls or reads the texts, but when Troye didn't return to class after lunch break and his phone rung again, I couldn't help but ask the teacher if I could go to the toilet, where in reality I stepped outside the classroom and tapped 'accept call'.

My heart was beating like crazy in my chest, and I honestly already regretted my decision. Why, o why did I think answering a call clearly meant for Troye from someone that was trying to get hold of him for the past hour was a good idea? This 'Emma' person clearly was really stressed or panicked or exited about something, and the only person that needed to hear whatever she had to say to him was Troye.

"Troye fucking Sivan. Finally! WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER ME!" was the first sentence spoken through the phone. I regained the little bit of focus I had had when I decided to answer the phone, but also had no idea what to actually say to this person.

"I- I'm sorry, bu-but this isn't Troye you're talking to..." I stuttered. The line fell silent, and I swear I could hear an almost inaudible fuck on the other line.

"Who is it then? And why are you answering a phone that isn't yours? Can you please give me Troye?" She sounded irritated. Really, really irritated. Oops?

"Erm, this is Connor, a friend of Troye's. He forgot his phone in class and it's been ringing for the past hour and I could't take the temptation anymore so I decided to answer it." I rambled. She probably couldn't even hear me well, since I was talking really fast, but I mean, I had to say it, right?

"Oh. Can you give me him please? Something happened and I really need to talk to him." She sounded more calm this time, though still stressed out, and even a bit tired. I couldn't help but wonder what that thing was that she talked about. What could be important enough to keep on calling and texting about for an hour? It wasn't like she'd given up after five missed calls or ten ignored texts, so it must be really important, right? But I couldn't just barge into the principals office because some girl named Emma had been calling and texting him for the past hour. For all I knew she was some crazy stalker of his.

"I would, but I have no idea where he is at the moment? The principal had to talk to him and he took his bag with him and I don't know if I can disturb a talk with the principal for some phone call."

I could clearly hear her wheezing, annoyed, and even though I didn't know her, I was almost sure she just rolled her eyes at me. Her voice turned a bit darker- if that was the right word for it, and she almost sounded threatening.

"Listen here, Connor, whatever he's talking about with the principal; it. can. fucking. wait. This is way more important than anything happening at school right now, and I need to talk to him ASAP."

I paced around for a bit and contemplated actually barging into the principals office. By now, I actually had to go and pee, but if this would take much longer, I doubted mrs Kent would act nice towards me for the rest of class.

"Connor. I don't care what the hell you're doing right now, but I really need you to get this phone to Troye. Please?" She sounded pleading, desperate; one might say, and I decided that oh fuck it, I had the time to get this phone to the blue eyed Australian boy.

"Okay. Give me a minute to get there." I didn't dare hang up on her, but rather walked to the office with the phone still in my hands. My mind couldn't help but turn over about what she could possibly have to speak to him about. What could be more important than school? Than a talk with the principal, for god's sake. She better have a good reason and not be a crazy stalker, because I did't think Troye would be exceptionally happy if that were the case.

Standing outside of the small room, I swallowed the small lump in my throat, and knocked.

"Yes, please come in." I heard the kind voice of the principal call from inside. I closed my eyes for a bit and clutched the phone in my hand. I opened the door slowly, almost as if I were scared of whatever lay behind. When the principal saw me, his eyes widened a bit, and I saw Troye turn around, a questioning look on his face a soon as he saw me. His eyebrows were raised and plain confusion was clearly written on his face.

"I err... Troye left his phone in class and err.. I- it's been buzzing for the past hour and this girl named Emma-" Troye's eyes went wide as her name was mentioned and his hand immediately ran through his hair, while I could swear that I saw him mouthing swear words, "-has been calling and texting non stop and I accepted her call because I went mad form the calling, and she seems really stressed and told me that I had to get the phone to Troye immediately and that it was really important. So err.. Sorry. Here's you're phone Troye. I- I'll be going then." I swallowed the lump in my throat. My face was as red as a tomato and I awkwardly scratched the back of my neck after I'd given Troye his phone back. He immediately held his hand up, as if to say that the principal would have to wait until he could speak again. Damn, that boy had some nerves.

I left after that, figuring that I would see Troye again later.

I did not expect him to be wiping tears from his eyes when he appeared at our lunch table.

I did not expect him to be silent, to be frustrated and to get angry at every little thing that happened.

I also didn't dare ask what Emma had called about.

Hi! I'M SO HAPPY WITH THIS CHAPTER SO I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKED IT. It took so long to come up with the right "thing" though. I rewrote this chapter like at least five times because it was just ugh and I wanted it to be good. Short Authors Note on this one though. I love you, I love reading comments and seeing votes AND OMG THIS HAS 630+ TOTAL READS???!! LIKE. HOW. OMG. TY. ILY. BYE ITS LATE AND I WANNA SLEEP

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