fifty four

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I had been waiting at the airport for two hours already, being too excited to stay home for longer thanks I had. Ridiculous is what one might call me, but I honestly didn't mind that I'd been standing here for a long time. Troye's flight had landed ten minutes ago, and despite the fact that he still had to get off and go through baggage claim, I couldn't help but crane my neck and jump a bit every time the doors opened, hoping it was him. It was useless, I knew that, but I was simply craving to see him again.

I thought that a week of not seeing someone wasn't that long, and it wasn't. But I thought that, spending one week apart, wouldn't leave me craving his attention, his presence, this much. I had been wrong about how much I'd miss him.

Sometime between me walking towards the doors where Troye would come through and now, his mom came and stood next to me. Because I hadn't been able to borrow my parents' car, I had gone to the airport with the train. Troye's mom had offered for me to ride with her towards the airport, but I hadn't been able to take it anymore, sitting alone at home watching the minutes tick by, so I had declined her offer, saying that I would go on my own but that it'd be nice to be able to drive back with her. She smiled at me now, sleep in her eyes. Right. Had I failed to mention it was three in the morning? But she was smiling nonetheless, clearly happy to see her son again in a few moments.

I smiled back at her, and she shook her head, chuckling to herself before facing me again. "You really like him, don't you?", to which the only thing I did was get red cheeks and stammer out a yes. We'd been dating for quite a while now, but I still got nervous when I talked about it to someone else than him. Even when talking with Nicola, my heart would skip beats, my face would get red and I wouldn't be able to form normal words. I always thought those were symptoms only occurring in the beginning of a relationship, but it turned out they were more relevant than ever.

We chatted a little, and I learned that she'd come to pick him up from the airport in the deepest hours of the night a couple times before, not wanting him to get back on his own, even if that meant having to get up at half past two and get little to no sleep after arriving home again. It also became pretty clear to me just how much she cared for her son, and just how happy she was that he had "found" me. Not only because we were now dating and she apparently thought us very cute, but also because I had been the first person in this town who talked to him. That she was happy he hadn't spend weeks and weeks until making some half friends who he didn't really connect with.

Five minutes later, I had a dilemma. I'd been having to pee for about fifteen minutes now, but I really, really didn't want to miss Troye arriving. After contemplating the pros and cons of going to the toilet or waiting here for my angel to arrive, I decided that it was better to pee now than to hug him and immediately rush to the toilet after because my bladder wouldn't be able to hold it.

I rushed to the nearest toilet- which still was a little walk, why there were no toilets immediately in the arrival hall I didn't know- as quickly as I could, and rushed back. When I was about a hundred meters away, I could, by standing on the top of my toes, see the boy walking through the automatic doors. My heart beat a little faster, but I couldn't run in here- it was far too crowded for that. And so I saw him hugging his mom from a little distance, before getting close enough to actually hear the two of them, but not yet close enough for the boy I had missed more than I ever thought you could miss someone in a week to see me. Which may also have had a bit to do with the fact that he was facing away from me.

"Mum? Where's Con? He came, right?" He sounded tired, but a bit defeated as the words left his mouth. His mom was the one facing me, and caught my eye, smiling to herself.

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