tame ❤ tracob by -sweetboysivan
tame ❤ tracobby kitty
you're so pretty when you cry
  • troyemellet
  • troyesivan
  • jacobbixenman
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alphabet boy  by -honeybix
alphabet boy by ʀɪᴀ 🍯
Congratulations Daddy, I loves you! !!contains cg/l relationship dynamic!!
  • troyesivan
  • complete
  • caregiver
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small boy |tracob| by sweetestbix
small boy |tracob|by Iz
"and who must you be, hmm?" the small boy giggled. "i little troye!"
  • troyesivan
  • littletroye
  • tracob
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DING (tracob)  by tracobphobix
DING (tracob) by Cr y
Tracob fic with lots of pinning and sex
  • iwanttodie
  • funny
  • mindless
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hearts of ice - tracob by -SlVANS
hearts of ice - tracobby 💙
Just because Troye was a figure skater didn't mean he was gay. Just because Jacob was an all-star hockey player didn't mean he was straight. When the two most promising...
  • jacobbixenman
  • alternateuniverse
  • sexualitycrisis
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nowhere boy, (scamander) by isaacnewts
nowhere boy, (scamander)by CHLOE
[fantastic beasts] ever i roam, further from home, your hand i'll hold.
  • potter
  • kelpie
  • wizardingworld
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Gods & Monsters by a_sadcypress
Gods & Monstersby rosesinlove
The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Troye Sivan. Not once did they discuss the option of Jacob actually falling in love. So, naturally, that's exactly what...
  • badboygoodboy
  • bixenvan
  • chalamet
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Troye baby by depressedprinc3ss
Troye babyby depressedprinc3ss
Troye Sivan is just a broke boy, trying to survive in the world and make money any way he can. One day his friend tell him about sugar daddies. Maybe this will be the en...
  • daddyjacob
  • fluff
  • babyboy
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A Different Kind of Different ↠ (Camila/You) #1 by ashcabaello
A Different Kind of Different ↠ ( cabaello
"A person can emit a colorful energy but their own souls can just be black and white." ↠ How can one person be such a mysterious case? How can she radiate suc...
  • fifthharmony
  • love
  • dinahjanehansen
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Amore Dies & Mysterious Eyes by sisterserenaxo
Amore Dies & Mysterious Eyesby serena
The Amore Piper case in Manhattan leads to the blooming of a forbidden passion between incredibly charming investigator Gray Klein and roughly beautiful best friend of t...
  • soulmates
  • crime
  • theojames
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Strawberries and Cigarettes | A Choni Fanfiction| by tiddychoni
Strawberries and Cigarettes | A tiddy posie/choni
This story is just like every terrible teen Rom-Com with the super sweet, super shy, though also very hot, girl and the typical scary biker badass who messes with her. O...
  • cherylblossom
  • choni
  • angst
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Instagram | C.D. by Freshie_dreamer
Instagram | 🚮
Started' 3-4-17 :)
  • boys
  • musers
  • troye
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Punk Pastels by ThePilot44
Punk Pastelsby L.v.
Punk Phil Pastel dan au - completed :)
  • danisnotonfire
  • amazingphil
  • phillester
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A Hemmings Stepsister? by mashtonscuddles
A Hemmings Stepsister?by ari
"I don't want a family! I just want it me and you dad!" "I'm sorry. We're moving in with them whether you like it or not baby girl." Melanie Hartman...
  • connorfranta
  • 5sos
  • ashtonirwin
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Silent Treatment (boyxboy) by HerSweetPrince
Silent Treatment (boyxboy)by Jean-Axel
He ignores me. It's okay though. I don't talk to him either. We have never said a word to each other, ever since we laid eyes on each other. We're giving each other the...
  • troyesivan
  • treatment
  • silenttreatment
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like a teddy bear ||tracob|| by bixromantic
like a teddy bear ||tracob||by ...
round and round the garden like a teddy bear. one step, two step. tickle you under there! cg/l fanfic
  • lgbt
  • adbl
  • danandphil
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Oui ⭐ tracob au by herricanne
Oui ⭐ tracob auby jo
"Hey boy with blue eyes, got a nice ass there, huh?" "Oui?" ◆ Or where Troye is an Exchange Student from France and Jacob is a straight fuckboy who...
  • otp
  • cute
  • gay
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too good | joe sugg [1] ✓  by sunshineseavey
too good | joe sugg [1] ✓ by ange | hiatus
the one in which she believes that he is too good for her and he believes that she is horribly mistaken. TOO GOOD JOE SUGG BOOK ONE [COMPLETED] HIGHEST RANKING #1 in...
  • alfiedeyes
  • youtube
  • joesugg
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the gang leaders rose || boyxboy by parysxrose
the gang leaders rose || boyxboyby parys
as i'm walking down the hallway i feel someone bump into me, i'm ready to go off because everyone knows not to disturb me. i look down and see the most beautiful boy i h...
  • love
  • gangleader
  • stephenjames
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Hot or Not by p0w3rfu1_0n3
Hot or Notby Bella-Donna
Comment if you think the celeb is hot or not!!
  • hot
  • liampayne
  • edsheeran
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