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BUTTERFLIES, harry styles (1) by regulusart
BUTTERFLIES, harry styles (1)by lola 🧸
... in which harry styles secret relationship gets exposed. BOOK 1 OF THE BUTTERFLIES TRILOGY! cover by @-DACRESGF <3
Oui ⭐ tracob au by herricanne
Oui ⭐ tracob auby jo
"Hey boy with blue eyes, got a nice ass there, huh?" "Oui?" ◆ Or where Troye is an Exchange Student from France and Jacob is a straight fuckboy who...
Glazed Eyes, Empty Hearts ➳ Spideypool by MagicaLyss
Glazed Eyes, Empty Hearts ➳ ✨Lyss✨
Blue Neighborhood Trilogy In which May dies and Peter's left with May's abusive boyfriend [Updated on Sunday and Wednesday]
By The Hand || Peter Parker by blink_and_youre_dead
By The Hand || Peter Parkerby Emma
Some people think that brains are everything, but Cameron knew differently. He may have been clever, as nothing less was expected of the son of Tony Stark, however there...
lyricist. timothée chalamet by fredmercuryy
lyricist. timothée chalametby k
@tchalamet: do you believe in love at first sight. she asked @coramellet: i think so. maybe. i don't know. he said *✭˚・゚✧*・゚* ・゚*✭˚・゚✧ in which a broken man meets a heal...
THE GOOD SIDE ➙ TOM HOLLAND by softlysapphic
THE GOOD SIDE ➙ TOM HOLLANDby softlysapphic
"i recognise and i apologise that i got the good side of things." in which a girl rekindles a romance with an old friend. ( TOM HOLLAND FAN FICTION ) ©️ softly...
wild | stiles stilinski ✅ by queenofpurgatory
wild | stiles stilinski ✅by peaky fuckin blinder
[BLUE NEIGHBOURHOOD] "Never knew loving could hurt this good And it drives me wild." [3B] [boyxboy] [extented summary inside]
One Shots / LGBT+ by lattefangirl
One Shots / LGBT+by aesthetic
Just a bunch of gay and lesbian one shots. No hate please All stories are mine unless I state otherwise. *warning* this book is very, very, very gay so if you are a h...
✓ | LAST TIME I SAY SORRY,   chris evans¹ by cruelsvmmers
give me all the pain, give me everything ━━━━━━ SOCIAL MEDIA / REAL LIFE CHRIS EVANS X FEM!OC #1: TROYE...
Strawberries and Cigarettes by circusking
Strawberries and Cigarettesby LoverBoy
In which a tall brooding Serpent falls for a stubborn Cuban boy "Might want to shut that mouth, Pretty Boy," "Don't test me Peabrain" Sweet Pea x mal...
Girl Quarterback [Completed] by -lanawritesbooks-
Girl Quarterback [Completed]by • Lana •
COMPLETED. "Don't you realize how rude that remark is? I'm not a rock. I have feelings, but it seems like these days a girl can't follow her dreams, can she?"...
Can't Stay Tranquil (BoyxBoy)✓ by DrillBurger
Can't Stay Tranquil (BoyxBoy)✓by ᴅʀɪʟʟ
Put someone who is too good for you beside someone you want but can never have, spice things up with a relentless bully and a few suspicious personalities, then you get...
flatmates 🌷 tracob by -sweetboysivan
flatmates 🌷 tracobby kitti
straight with gay tendencies
Arranged to the king by Ammuali7
Arranged to the kingby Umme
*Complete* Harry styles, a 18 years old normal British citizen, who lives with his best friend. Nawab Zayn, a 26 years old Pakistani king, always surrounded by his King...
A Different Kind of Different ↠ (Camila/You) #1 by ashcabaello
A Different Kind of Different ↠ ( cabaello
"A person can emit a colorful energy but their own souls can just be black and white." ↠ How can one person be such a mysterious case? How can she radiate suc...
Mr. Rogue Alpha and Mr.Alpha by HailThe_Sinner
Mr. Rogue Alpha and Mr.Alphaby Lil Lazy 👻
Where Zayn is a supernatural creature and harry is too, no matter what they DON'T end up together, what will happen when they meet again? Will they lose each other or en...
only angel || h.s  by goldenangelz
only angel || h.s by f 🍒
in which ex-lovers fall in through social media.
Little One | Tracob  by coffeesandcaramel
Little One | Tracob by Beth 🍼
"How long will you love me for, daddy?" "Forever and ever little one" "Forever?" "Forever."
Broken Boy ||tracob|| by moonflower611
Broken Boy ||tracob||by jess🥴💖
He fell in love with his broken, beautiful soul ♡