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It was funny, really, the way life had turned out for the boys. Troye was touring the world to promote his second album at the moment, and Connor was with him pretty much all the time. The two were inseparable, and it had surprised no one that, after Troye had finished up his Suburbia tour, the two got engaged. Who proposed to who, they never told anyone.

Connor, who had dropped out of his second year of college to start doing things on his own, was now running a successful small company. Everyone had advised him to just stay in college, but when Troye's album came out and he started touring, Connor couldn't bear to he apart from him for that long. They longed to be together whenever they were apart, and  weeks and weeks of touring on Troye's behalf, and Connor either being at college with only the boy on the other side of the world on his mind, or accompanying Troye for a couple weeks and abandoning all his school work, lead to him dropping out. Neither of them being able to take being apart for too long periods of time.

Troye had always felt guilty, he still did, blaming himself for Connor dropping out, but the latter one assured that he was only part of the reason why- that he hadn't particularly been enjoying college, despite all friends he had made, that he would rather just start working on something he actually enjoyed and try and make it that way.

Right at this moment though, Troye was getting ready for not a show, but something else entirely. He had a show tomorrow, having planned on taking this day to recover from his jet-lag. Instead of doing that however, he was sorting through his clothes to look for a baby blue sweater he had packed just the day before. You see, Troye had a school reunion today. They would be meeting at the old school, and he would see all his classmates from when Troye was around the age of eleven again.

And boy, he dreaded it.

Maybe he was famous now, having quite the music career, playing sold out shows almost every night, but he dreaded a simple primary school reunion. If only it was because he was bullied a lot, because a lot of the guys always called him a faggot before he had even come to terms with his sexuality. Where he had been bullied for loving to sing and act, where they would holler at him when he enthusiastically told the class he had been asked to do a telethon performance, leading to him canceling it.

He sighed, eventually giving up on looking for the sweater and changing into a pink tee instead, running a hand through his curls. He could have sworn he had packed it.

And of course, he had, which he noticed when Connor stepped out of the bathroom wearing it, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy's waist, burying his head in his shoulder and planting small kisses in his neck. Troye wanted to give in so bad, but he pushed the other away anyway, really having to hurry to his old school now if he didn't want to be any later than he probably already was.

"C'mon pretty boy, I'm gonna be late if you keep me here," he murmured, yet not moving away from him, and playing with a little section of hair absentmindedly.

"Well what do you think the intention was? Don't want you to go yet," he whispered in Troye's ear, which sent shivers down the latter's spine. He sighed, giving in an connecting his lips with Connor's. They parted not much later, Troye lingering just a moment too long before letting go and intertwining his hands with Connor's, dragging him along.

"Well, then you're going with. Or like, at least the uber ride there."

The drive to Troye's old school wasn't too long, and damnit he was nervous. It was weird, being back in a place he spent all his days when he was young. He hoped no one would still hate him, or that he wouldn't be teased. Secretly, he hoped everyone would have forgotten about him, and that they wouldn't recognise him from anything to do with his career. That they wouldn't know who in the world Troye Sivan was. Of course, he was wrong.

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