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"Sir, I thoroughly understand that you want me to follow all classes, but at the moment those meetings with my label are really important to me. And to whatever career will be coming out of this." I had been saying this on repeat, but he wouldn't budge. Even though, when applying to this school, we had discussed the matter of me skipping class for music. The principal however, seemed to regret this decision.

It was then that I heard a faint knocking on the door, and mr Mackenzie ordered whoever it was to come in. The appearance of the captivating green eyed boy made my eyes go wide and my brows shoot up in confusion. What was Connor doing here? And... was that my phone he was holding?

"I err... Troye left his phone in class and err.. I- it's been buzzing for the past hour and this girl named Emma-" fuck. Emma. Why the hell was Emma calling, when she knew I had classes and school and places I had to be. Why would your manager call you during school? I ran a hand through my hair and bit my lip. What had happened?

"-has been calling and texting non stop and I accepted her call because I went mad form the calling, and she seems really stressed and told me that I had to get the phone to Troye immediately and that it was really important. So err.. Sorry. Here's you're phone Troye. I- I'll be going then." He gave me my phone and the first thing I did was hold up my hand for the principal to please not speak. This wasn't good. I already knew nothing good would come from this. Either that, or something really exiting stuff was happening. But she wouldn't be as stressed as Connor said she was. I mean, Emma usually mailed me. Or texted me, but she didn't call except when something really important was happening.

Mr Mackenzie was trying to say something, to object to me calling when we were talking, but I just stood up, grabbed my bag and walked towards the toilets, where I went to sit in an empty stall and lock it.

"Emma? What's wrong?"

"Troye! THANK GOD. I've been trying to get a hold of you for the past hour! Never, ever, forget your phone again. Have you seen your twitter this morning?" She immediately rambled. I almost couldn't hear her. I shook my head in response to her question, only to realise that she wouldn't be able to see that.

"No, I haven't. Why?" Panic as well as suspicion settled over me. What was happening?

"Can you like, call me back after you have? We need to talk this through." She hung up with that. A little shaky, I opened the twitter app on my phone, after having pulled my feet on the toilet seat do that no one would be able to see me sitting here.

I opened the twitter app to find out I had a lot of mentions and tweets He directed at me. My eyes went wide. What had happened here?

I decided to read some and slowly started scrolling through my twitter notifications. 'TROYE LIVES IN LA CRESCENT?! OMG', 'OMG WHERE DID THEY TAKR THAT PICTURE? IS THAT A SCHOOL?', '"Fun"? TROYE WTF?', 'IS FUN A SONG HE IS PLANNING TO BRING OUT?', '???????????????', 'See the world? Is this real?', 'TRO WHERE ARE U???', 'OMG I LIVE IN THE SAME TOWN AD TROYE SIVAN??!!!!' Were a couple. My mind started to spin. How did they get that picture? How did they know where I lived? How did they know lyrics? How..? A frustrated tear ran down my cheek. This wasn't supposed to get out.

My phone fell from my hand when I heard someone enter, it bounced on the floor, and I luckily was able to pick it up before it could slides under the door of the toilet stall. I could hear as well as see footsteps. I had no idea who the person- that was now peeing in the stall next to me- was, but I knew I wanted him to get out here so I could call Emma back. The guy in question though, stopped before my stall before leaving, and even though he couldn't possibly know who I was to begin with nor why I was here, I felt intimidated. I shouldn't feel intimidated by this random person standing outside my stall, but I did.

When finally he did go away, I left the bathroom for the library, where I could log onto a computer and call Emma while reading my twitter. The phone didn't even ring once; she picked up immediately.

"Em?" I asked, my voice shaking a bit. I was angry this had gotten out, even though the lyrics part was unconfirmed. The 'hey I know where Troye lives' part definitely wasn't as big as the leaked lyrics, but it still got to me, and all factors combined, I began to cry. I full on sobbed on the phone with Emma. I didn't even say anything to her, I shook off anyone who asked me if I was okay, because of course I wasn't. Seemed pretty obvious to me.

Emma didn't say anything to me. She didn't hang up, she was just silently listening to me sobbing in a school library- something the librarian didn't seem very happy with. I was probably making too much noise.

"Em, wh- what c-can..." a sob left my mouth, "we do ah- about this?" I asked her, still hating this situation. I would track them down. That girl, who was so nice to me and I took a picture with; and that Caspar Lee dude. Or anyone in that class for the matter. He had read it out loud, so it could've been anyone, really. But I would hunt them down.

No. I shook my head. I wasn't like that. They didn't deserve that much anger. But I would probably hate them anyway. I mean, you don't ruin someone like this, not even when you're just trying to be nice. Because this wasn't benefiting me in any way.

Emma sounded almost hopeless.
"I... I don't know Tro..." she whispered and I silently cursed. Emma usually had an idea of what to do. But then again, there hadn't been things like this in the past.

I was a mess.

"Tro? Maybe it's a good idea to schedule a meeting with everyone this weekend? I'll fly over, we'll meet with your label?" She sounded so reasonable, so truly nice, and I cried again. Just a couple tears and sniffles, but I couldn't keep it dry. I was sad, disappointed maybe. But most of all, I was furious. And I didn't get angry a lot. I almost never got angry.

"Really? Yo- You'd do that?"

"Well, of course I would, Troye. I'm your manager, and the fact that you're not living in Australia doesn't change that. It doesn't mean I shouldn't be there for you anymore. And if being there for you and helping you means that I have to fly to the other side of the world; I'll do that.

We discussed the matter and what would be happening a bit more before we concluded that I wouldn't accept any pictures or talk to anyone that came here because of me. I also wouldn't be tweeting any reactions on what happened with the lyrics until we'd had the meeting this weekend. The matter of my hometown- it still felt weird to say that- getting outed, would immediately be taken care of though. Within ten minutes of hanging up with Emma, I had tweeted already.

@troyesivan: We could've played hide and seek, but you already know my hiding place.

Emma'd been able to book a ticket on the next flight to "here" and the meeting was scheduled for Friday 17:00, because I had to go to school first, and Emma would have to be at least slightly awake.

When I was done I waited until lunch to leave the library, where, when walking towards Connor and his group, a couple tears escaped my eyes. I bit my lip and sat down.

They must've noticed something was wrong by my attitude. By the crying and the agitation. But they didn't ask. No one did. And I was really, really grateful for that.

Hi. So... what do you think? I hope you like this. I couldn't really decide on this chapter- because I liked both ideas (leaked lyrics and leaked hometown) so I was like bruh idc lemme do both. Also, when this is going up I'm just back from camp. I don't really know what to write here now. Thanks for reading, as always. I hope you enjoy and I really really love to hear from you guys. If there are any errors or suggestions or whatever, tell me please! ILY

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