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"Oh," My face fell, "See you later then, I guess." My eyes followed the boy, who was now rushing to get to his locker. I wondered where he had to go. School usually only gave students permission to leave early due to weddings/funerals or special occasions. I really hoped for him it wasn't a funeral. Kian and I walked back to class , though I couldn't really stop thinking about the boy with the mesmerising blue eyes and adorable quiff.

"Come on Con, we gotta head to practice" I looked up from my Chemistry book to which I, to be honest, wasn't really paying attention to. I quickly put my stuff in my bag and rushed out of class with Kian, I wondered how I could've missed the bell.

We changed within a record time and were in the pool with five minutes to spare until the training started. How that was possible, I didn't know. I started swimming when I was about eight years old. My mum signed me up and even though she always said it was because she thought sports would be good for me, I knew it was her idea of fat camp. But hey, I ended up really enjoying it, so I can't really blame her. And besides, I was chubby. Practice was tough and at the end of it, everyone was simply exhausted. I just wanted to go home and sleep for now, but of course, those plans were interrupted. Not that I minded though.


"Hmm?" Kian nudged me slightly with his elbow.

"You still going on that date with Bethany? Or are you free to hang out?" My eyes went wide with shock. Right. Date. Bethany. It was set up by her, thinking we'd make a great couple. I internally groaned. I didn't want to go. I didn't even like her. She was anything but my type. Because well, my type were boys. But nobody knew that. It wasn't 'cool' to be gay. And if I came out, my friends would probably leave me and I would be a loner. But Bethany really liked me, and I, being your typical Minnesotan-nice person, did not have the heart to turn down her asking me out. I scratched the back of my neck with my hand, getting a bit uncomfortable with Kian asking me this.

"You know, I'd love to hang out. Beth can get her date another time." Kian, although he didn't know I was gay, knew I didn't like Bethany. You could say he was my best friend, though I didn't like to classify my friends in best friends or lesser friends and stuff like that. But I spent most time with Kian, because he and I were both on the swimming team. It was a bit rude to cancel on her right now, but I didn't have the energy to keep up with her right now, training drained me from all energy left and it was 17.45 now, which meant I also had to get home to get to dinner.

We quickly changed and I told Kian I'd meet him at around 8pm, so I could make a bit of homework before hanging out. I cycled home, threw open the door and immediately hung my snow covered jacket over the coat rack. It would melt over time.

"Hi mom! Hi dad!" I yelled when I entered the living room, already smelling the meal being cooked.

"How was practice, sweetie?" My mom asked, coming out of the kitchen.
"Practice was exhausting to be honest. Also, I'm hanging with Kian tonight. And yes, I'll be home by eleven," I answered all her (unasked) questions.

"That's great honey, have fun tonight. Make sure you've done all your homework before you go, though!" I nodded and rolled my eyes at her. I would, it took pretty much no effort to do so, thus I didn't really see the point of not making it.

Still having to wait about fifteen minutes before dinner was ready, I decided to be the nice kid and make the table. Unfortunately, me being me and me being clumsy, I almost shattered two plates that I luckily caught just on time. "Fuck." I hissed, almost inaudible. Later on, I spilled some water, because well, something has to go wrong, no matter how minor. My mom was happy with me helping her out though, my other siblings were too busy with either homework or "homework".

"No, Kian, sto- stooop!" I screamed, crying tears with laughter. He was tickling me. He had been for the past five minutes, due to me not answering a question. I genuinely needed to pee right now so if he didn't stop soon, his couch would smell pretty nasty.

"Alright Con, I'll stop. But you'll have to answer that question for me." He told me, stopping with the tickling. I got up as fast as I could, not really caring about that question.

"If I can go to the toilet first, then yes, I'll answer your question." I sighed, rushing to the toilet. The question of the matter was 'Why did you agree to go on a date with Bethany, even though you don't like her and then cancel it?' The thing was that I didn't have an answer, it was just that I didn't completely know how to tell Kian what my reason was for agreeing to go on a date with her. Because how the hell do you come out to one of your best friends? Or, because I hadn't come out to anyone yet, how do you tell your best friend that you're gay without telling him you're gay? Because honestly, that was my only reason. I didn't want people to find our about my sexuality. My classmates were fairly nice, and it helped quite a bit I was what people call 'popular', but I didn't think they would like me if I came out. I hadn't even come out to my family for god's sake.

"Connor? You're taking quite long for that pee. Are you planning on coming out soon?" I heard Kian outside of the door. Well, funny you may ask, Kian. Because I didn't at all plan on 'coming out soon'. But nevertheless, I unlocked the bathroom door and entered the living room once again.

"Well, tell me then. Why?"

I gulped. I really really didn't want to answer right now.

"I... I just don't want to talk about it right now, okay Kian? Please? I'll tell you another time soon. But not now." I looked at my phone for the time. 22.47. "Also, I should get going. I told my mom I'd be home by eleven, and if I don't rush now, I won't make that."

He nodded, clearly not satisfied, but at least he didn't continue to ask me why, which I was grateful for.

"You know you can tell me anything, right? I won't judge you." I know those words were probably just to reassure me about Bethany, but I smiled gratefully at him.

"Thanks dude, see you tomorrow at school."

I went home, and while falling asleep, I couldn't help but wonder where the blue eyed Australian boy had to go during chemistry.

So. What do ya think? I honestly had so much trouble with this, ugh. I don't know whether I should continue switching POV's every chapter, or if I should continue with just Troye or Connor. And how would you feel if I switched POV's during the chapter? Because I thought about that for this chapter due to my lack of inspiration. I hope it isn't too boring and you enjoyed! I love you and love hearing from you, whether that's votes, comments, just knowing you're reading this or a message I receive. I also may or may not be a bad writer because well, I don't edit my chapters. I just don't seem to be able to bring up the energy to do so. I don't really know why.
Also, small announcement, I will be going to Rome next week with school, so I don't know how much and if I can upload anything from Sunday - Sunday, since I have NEK Amstelveen (Dutch Relay Nationals Track & Field) this Sunday, then Rome till Saturday and the Sunday after that a 'club competition' ^^ I hope you guys don't mind.

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