fifty eight

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Bouncing back and forth on my feet, I couldn't contain my excitement of performing again. The previous one, the opener, had gotten me all hyped up. Combined with spending about an hour not doing anything, I now couldn't wait until I got to go on stage again.

It didn't take too long, and I gave Dua a small hug before walking up the stage. She would join me later on, after the solo. Unfortunately, there hadn't been a way provided to plug my phone into the speakers to play the instrumentals, so I would have to rely on my voice alone.

"Hi," I grabbed the mic with one hand, tensing up a bit upon seeing everyone again. And then tensing up even more when I realised I would be singing an original, never-heard-before song in front of my class- and schoolmates. I kinda just hoped they wouldn't film and post it anywhere. "So, the song I'm going to sing is one I wrote myself... it's... I- I'm quite proud of the song, but I don't really relate to the lyrics anymore. So it would be nice if you had the respect not to record or share this anywhere. Just a disclaimer. Sorry. You're probably annoyed already by having sat here for a while now. I'll start."

I adjusted my hold on the microphone a bit, and took a bit more of a confident stance. I still felt awkward performing, not really knowing what was right to do. It wasn't like I could dance, after all. "The song's called Blue Moon."

I started the song, my eyes running over the small crowd of students, locking eyes with Sage one time, after which she gave me an encouraging smile.

"Maybe you were my blue moon...

Maybe I let go too soon..."

Yes, I liked the song, but it just wasn't relevant enough for me anymore. It had been when I was heartbroken, when I was alone, but now, certainly with Connor sitting in the front row, grinning like an idiot, it wasn't. As I got towards the end of the song though, the relaxation that had come with singing started to disappear, as the third TRXYE teaser would pop up behind me in a matter of seconds.

"Running from what could be...

So terrified of happy..."

Tick tock, said the clock.

"How did I come to lose...

My blue moon..." just as I initiated the second 'my blue moon' the teaser popped up behind me. Within three seconds, phones were looked at, people started whispering, probably spreading more and more rumours. Some looked at me standing on the stage in as what one would describe as shock. I had no intention of quitting the song, so while there where students not paying attention anymore and most had started talking, I finished my song, winking towards a couple of really confused looking freshmen in the front row.

It took longer than I had expected for everyone to start calming down again and even when most of it was silent again, there were still people murmuring. One kid yelled out: "Oi Mellet just tell what the heck you're doing already!" To which I just smirked in response.

"What about you paying attention to my social media the coming days?" I replied to him, slightly annoyed because well, did he really think I would just tell him?, but mostly satisfied. It was the reaction I had been hoping for. Gather their attention, make them curious and excited. It was precisely what the teasers were for, and I smiled to myself, realising that I was succeeding in at least this part.

Without any further warning from me, a couple of the music kids came up the stage and took their place at the instruments so we could start playing the final song of the day. Once again, I smiled to myself, and when the students realised there would be more music, they all got silent again, eyes focused on the stage, flickering from me to Amy to a guy called Steve back to me again. Confused, was what I would use to describe them all.

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