forty eight

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"Yes, of course," mrs Sangster hurriedly spoke, before turning towards me and Connor and nodding towards the principal. I shrugged, but Connor was more taken away by being called to the principal's office.

But I put a smile on my face, relaxed my shoulders, picked up my bag and linked my fingers through Connors, leading him out of the classroom behind me. I didn't know why we had been called to the office, but I had some idea that it might have to do with what happened this morning. And over the weekend, when she posted/kept posting that video, but I didn't think a school would be paying attention to that.

I had my fingers tangled up with his, and looked back with a reassuring smile. I didn't think we were going to get in trouble. Right? We hadn't done anything wrong. At least, not that I knew of. And if the principal thought we had- he hadn't said anything, just walked in front of the two of us towards the office- I was surely going to prove him wrong. If this was another move of Dodie, I wasn't just going to ruin her here at school. I was going to globally ruin her. Because nobody, nobody fucks with my boyfriend like that.

Connor was nervous, I could tell, and thus I pulled him a bit closer to me with my hand. My fingers still intertwined with his and softly running along the tips. His hand were so soft.

"Hey, it'll be okay. It's probably just something about this morning," I reassured him, whispering. He nodded, and even though he was still tense, I could notice he did his best to relax.

When we had sat down in two chairs propped behind the huge mahogany desk, the principle just looked at us for a good minute. The bell had rung already, shuffling and footsteps from students going to their next class being heard on the other side of the door.

There was a bit of a gap between the two chairs, but I held Connor's hand in mine nonetheless. I ran my fingers across his, slowly letting each one drop on his leg before picking them up and letting them fall again. His breathing was steady, but his eyes were darting around the office. I too, had begun to feel a tad uncomfortable. I just needed the principal to speak already.

"So. Franta, Mellet." I cast my eyes away from the boy next to me, instead now anxiously looking at the middle aged man across of us. "I called you into here to discuss something with you, ask a couple questions." Connor's hand tightened around mine, holding on just a bit more. I squeezed it shortly.

My lips were dry, and I licked them, biting down on the inside of my cheek.

"This morning, posters, pictures, had been hung up. Surely you've seen them, I saw you guys taking them down." We both nodded, Connor more tense than I was, still, "I was informed the pictures were of the two of you and am ever so sorry for what happened. This must be hard, being ridiculed and outed in such a cruel way."

From the side of my eye, I could see Connor nodding and pressing his lips against each other, as if trying his best not to start crying. I wanted to get up and wrap my arms around the boy, tell him that this was all going to be okay. Dodie was going to get hell from me. The way this had affected him hurt me. Of course, she hadn't only targeted him, she'd targeted me too, but I didn't care like Connor did. I wasn't the one who'd been living here his life, who'd gone the past few months, heck, the past few years trying his best to keep his sexuality to himself.

I wanted to get up and wrap my arms around him, get up and tell him this would be alright, that there was no reason to cry. That the people he truly cared about wouldn't give a single fuck. I wanted to kiss him slowly but surely, build up his confidence through kisses and touches.

But I couldn't. I couldn't just get up and kiss him here, in the office with the principal. I mean, I could, but it wouldn't really be the best move.

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