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Troye seemed like an actual nice person. A tad shy and really different. The part where he's different would be a reason to not befriend him, especially since all my friends already made fun of him. And even in music, though he told everyone he liked to sing, people were calling him out. It lead to him not performing. However, as everybody left, he stayed behind. How annoying. I mean, I told him I'd be waiting for him after class. Looking back on it, I don't really know why. Maybe because I'm curious. Because this Troye Mellet boy acts rather shy, but the kind of shy that carries confidence. I don't know, that probably just sounded weird.

I left class and decided that I would wait for him here after I dumped my books. When I came back and there was no Troye outside the classroom, I reckoned he probably just left already. At least, I did. Until I heard soft singing from the room. It was such a pleasing sound I couldn't help but move the door a bit more ajar so I could here it better. Peeking inside, I saw Troye. Standing still in the centre of the podium, mrs. Sangster sitting in one of the seats, clearly impressed by this boy's vocals. Because damn, it was good.

And I don't want to let this go
I don't want to lose control
I just want to see the stars with you

And I don't want to say goodbye
Someone tell me why
I just want to see the stars with you

There was even music being played out of what I suspected was Troye's phone. Somewhere in the back of my mind, the lyrics combined with his voice seemed to trigger something. The thought that I had heard it before, though I had no idea where or when I could have possibly heard it. Not on the radio, that was for sure. But it did sound familiar. I kind off wanted to step inside the classroom, see him sing, remember why it sounded familiar.

After the song had ended, I closed the door as if I hadn't been listening. I mean, there's probably a reason he didn't want to sing in front of class, and due to that; this almost felt like invading his privacy. It took another ten minutes for him to finally get out of the room, which kinda annoyed me, but I didn't care about either. It was his first day after all, so he most probably had some questions.

When finally he did leave the room, the first thing I noticed was that, where he had been shy and reserved before, he was now grinning and his eyes- his eyes, they were such a bright blue colour. They displayed his happiness with a sparkle and I couldn't help but laugh a bit.

"What put you in such a good mood, Mellet?" I asked him, an amused smile on my lips. He seemed a tad startled at the question and looked down towards his shoes- which I now noticed were converse platforms. Interesting.

"Oh, err- no- nothing." He stuttered, casting his eyes downward again. The amused smile left my lips and my brows creased. Why didn't he just tell me? I mean, I know he's only known me for a day and I hadn't been the nicest person to him in those first hours, but hey. You can't blame me for getting a bit tired with having to show every new kid ever around. But maybe, maybe though, this Troye Mellet kid would be different. I decided that I would invite him to sit with us tomorrow. My friends would probably like him; especially if they knew his singing voice. Because damn, that voice could maybe be the one making a difference in today's society. I wondered if he was planning on doing anything with it, or if he just sang to his own.
"Nothing?" I raised an eyebrow.

"No. She just wanted to hear me sing, wanted to know if I could sing a bit. I think she was quite astonished. She didn't say anything to me for a good three minutes after I finished my song." He told me, grinning a bit. I couldn't help but smile a bit myself.

"Why were you still waiting though? I mean, I did hear you say you would me again after class, but I didn't think you'd actually follow through with it." He continued as we were walking down the hallway. It was a good question. I mean, classes were done but I wanted to show him a bit around town.

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