fifty seven

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It was silly, but I was nervous as heck. It was the day of the school performances, and despite the fact I had rehearsed countless times, I was scared to mess it all up. I would be performing a total of three times, despite only having to once.

It was quite hard to decide on my solo song, purely because I really wanted to do an original. But the only originals I had lying around were the TRXYE ones, but there was no way I was going to be performing those. That was too risky. Lyrics could get leaked, someone could film it and put it up on the internet, and people would just generally know it before anyone else.

So even now, lying facedown on my bed but having to leave in less than 20 minutes for making it on time, I had multiple songs ready to perform, still not having decided. Luckily though, my other two performances weren't so last minute. I had those completely ready and rehearsed countless times.

My phone made a small ding, and with a grunt I reached for it, only to see it were texts from whomever about the displays at school. I buried my head into the sheets, annoyed and not wanting to get up. Since the assembly, my teasers for TRXYE were pretty much the talk of school, and I had gotten multiple texts if people I didn't know asking me what the hell it was about and if I had actually told the truth in my small speech directed at Dodie a while ago. Which, had they just typed my name anywhere, they would know I had, but I guess they were to lazy to do even that.

"Tokkie?" A small knock on the door. I lifted my head up just enough to see Steele's head popping in. "Con's here, said he was gonna pick you up on your way to school." I nodded, and two minutes later I was outside with my hand holding Connor's, peacefully walking to school. It was a bit of a walk, which made me grateful for the fact that we had left early.

Getting into the school took surprisingly long, given many students who had come early to either support their musical friends with their performances, or those who were just hanging out on the school grounds, walked over to me simply to ask what the hell those things were about. Giving them a name hadn't occurred them, and describing it with a couple words seemed hard too. On my way inside, I heard whispers about it the whole time. Speculations, hate, praise, rumours, you name it, it probably was in there.

"Hey! Troye! Troye! Hey, Mellet!" I spinned my head in the general direction the voice was coming from, but it turned out I hadn't needed to do so, as the person basically ran into me not even a second later. It caused me to bump into Connor, and for the latter to lose his balance and almost fall, steadying himself by using me. By some wonder, we all managed to stay on our feet. The girl of the matter, Amy, was seemingly excited. "Hi! Ready for the performance?" She wiggled her eyebrows, and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Yes! Really! I'm just..." as I started the sentence, I really started wondering where she was. I got my phone out of my pocket, not finishing my sentence. My eyes started searching for our chat immediately, as I got anxious about whether I'd given her the right adress and time. You see, for one of my performances I would be singing with someone else, but that certain someone didn't go to this school. She wasn't even American. Not like I was, but you get the idea. She didn't live here, like I did.

Amy however, was still waiting for me to finish my sentence, and nudged me. "You just...?" I looked up from my phone, and we trailed a bit more into the direction of the music classroom, which would be our chill place before, during and after the performances. "Oh. Right. I was just wondering if I had texted my friend the right address and time, given she's not here yet." I fidgeted a bit with my phone, before deciding grabbing Connor's hand was the better idea. Amy still looked a bit lost, so I smiled a bit more. "The British friend, the one who's gonna be singing with me."

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