twenty two

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It was the morning after I had kissed Connor, and I was abruptly awoken by Sage barging into my room. Last night, when I'd come home, I immediately went to my room to sleep. Neither my parents nor my siblings had come into my room when I got home, and I was grateful for that. But now, my sister was waking me up by pulling the covers and blankets off of me. And it was cold. I let out a little yelp, and grabbed for the covers.

"Sage! What the fuck? Why are you waking me up so early?" I didn't mean to yell at my sister, but with the state I was currently in, I couldn't help but do so.

"Oh well. I just wanted to talk with you about yesterday night," she told me with a sly grin, "a little birdie told me you kissed a certain someone." She walked towards my closet, and started roaming my clothes. She was basically picking out my outfit now, but I didn't protest. My face had gone ash white, and I stuttered some words in disbelief.

"W-what? What d-do you mean Sa-Sagey?" I finally got the words out of my mouth. My sister turned around then, and gave me an outfit; dark blue skinny jeans, my platform converse, and an oversized sweater per usual. I grabbed the clothes, but stayed in the same position, not taking my eyes of the younger girl.

"Oh, nothing. Just go have fun with Connor. You guys are a cute couple, really." She then left, and I got up to shower, feeling nothing but numbness. Nonetheless, the first thing I did when I got up out of my bed, I picked up my phone and texted the pretty boy with green eyes a good morning. After that, I got into the shower, got dressed and did my hair. While having breakfast, I continuously texted Connor, with a huge smile on my face. We had decided to meet up about twenty minutes before we usually went to school, just so we could have some time to ourselves.

I silently got up from the dining table and told my mom I'd walk to school today, because I had something to do. She just simply nodded, but my sister, being obnoxious and apparently knowing what had happened last night, shoved her chair back and grabbed her coat.

"I'm walking with you then!" she shouted, after which I bit my lip. This was not going according to plan. I mean, yes I loved my sister and usually I wouldn't mind her walking with me. But today was different. I just really wanted to get to school as soon as possible, and see my pretty boy. So I sighed as soon as she hooked her arm through mine and dragged me outside. I barely even got the time to grab my backpack.

It was silent for a couple seconds, in which I just shoved my hands in my pockets and refused to look at my sister. It didn't take long for her to talk, though. The walk to school wouldn't be too long, but easily long enough for my sister to ask me a lot of things. I guessed it would take about fifteen if we had a steady pace.

"So," she started, "A specific reason you're going to school already? I mean, it's quite early still." She poked my in my side, and I jumped aside. My face went red when she asked me for a 'specific reason'. I wasn't about to tell her I was going to school early to have fifteen to twenty minutes left which I could spend alone with Connor. There was a reason we decided on meeting up earlier, and that reason being the fact he wasn't out yet, made it pretty obvious we didn't want to out him like this either.

But I couldn't just lie to my sister.

"Er.. Yeah- but!" She opened her mouth to talk, but I shushed her just before any words came out of her mouth. "You can't tell anyone!" 

She opened her mouth and shut it again, which made her look like some sort of fish. You know, those fish in aquariums that always open and close their mouth and make little bubbles of air escape? That was what Sage looked like right now. For a moment though. She soon regained her curiosity and looked at me with a sly grin.

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