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Today was going to be amazing. I had no idea what we were actually going to do, but I had invited Connor to tag along with me, Kerri, and Kayla for the day. It was early morning still, but we wanted to spend as much time together as possible. The latter two had already eaten breakfast and were a tad jet lagged, which made me laugh. It didn't seem to bother them friday night, but right now they were pretty sleepy.

"So!" I clapped in my hands. They looked up in an instant, laughing at my bright grin.

"I told Connor we'd be at his at his at 10, and it's 9:36 now and I have no idea how to exactly walk there, so what about we get going?"

I was really happy. And that was not just due to their surprise trip here. It was not just because we now knew how to get to know who tweeted out lyrics. No, it had mostly to do with the fact that we had finished writing yesterday. We had a total of five new songs now, though we were probably not going to include all on the EP. They were called Gasoline, Fun, Touch, Blue Moon, and, of course, Happy Little Pill. I was over the moon with my songs and couldn't wait to get in the studio to record them. I'd decided to include The Fault in Our Stars on it too; freshly recorded with probably a bit more music in the background. I was really hyped and had the idea that the smile on my face wouldn't leave for a good week at least.

"Yes! I want to meet this Connor." Kayla said excitedly, wiggling her eyebrows at me when mentioning the name Connor. I laughed. Basically, any guy I ever mentioned or talked about was a guy Kayla thought she could set me up with. She was the one that foresaw my relationships and encouraged or discouraged me to continue them. She was the one that was happy when I ended my relationship with Tyler. But enough of that.

Forty minutes later, and we were lost. I knew where we were. Kinda. But I had no idea where Connors house was.

"Well, just call him then" Kerri exclaimed after yet another five minutes of walking around. It was fun, we laughed, but we had told Connor we'd be there soon, and clearly that wasn't working out.

"Okay! I will," I laughed, getting out my phone and clicking on the 'Connah Frantah" contact to call him. I put him on speaker, because we were giddy and Kayla basically threatened me to push me into the snow if they didn't get to talk to Connor right now.

"Hey, Troye! Where are you guys?"

"Hiiiii!" My friends yelled together, which made me laugh again.

"Honestly? I have no idea. Somewhere between your house and the school. I could've sworn I saw your house about ten minutes ago, but I didn't know if it was yours. Just... I don't know. Just go outside and start walking? We'll spot you."


About three hours from that, we were having a massive snow fight. Well, I say massive, but really it was just the four of us. It had started with trying to make a snowman, since we'd never made one. Connor seemed to feel personally attacked by this, and it turned out we weren't as good at making snowmen as we thought we were. Oh well.

There was snow everywhere, and if I was completely honest, I almost couldn't feel my fingers or my face, but I was too warm from running around to care. That was, until Connor popped up behind me, shouted "Boo!" into my ear and stuffed snow into my jacket.He then proceeded to tackle me, and somehow I took him with me, tumbling down. He was now basically lying on top of me, and I couldn't help but suck in a sharp breath. He was looked stunning. Even with snow in his hair and flushed cheeks he looked adorable. Maybe especially with snow in his hair and flushed cheeks. My eyes slowly wandered across his face; from his green eyes to his nose to his lips. Time seemed to freeze for a moment there, and it only started ticking again when Kayla interrupted.

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