twenty four

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I was still over the moon because of the date Connor took me on, and my happiness clearly shone through at the studio today. I was practically beaming, and the recording went really well. We were still thinking about a title and the artwork, as well as the release and announcement date, but we didn't yet have anything that great we actually thought we were going to use it. They were all just plain ideas, but the planning for now was to finish recording, and actually produce the final tracks, and then after that take another look at everything else we had to do. After all, the music was the main focus.

I was currently on my way back home from the studio with Steele as well as Sage. My little sister wouldn't stop bugging me about Connor, but right now, she seemed even more excited than I was about my music. Her excitement was affecting me, and I couldn't help but grin along with her. Despite Sage being a bit nosy sometimes, she had good intentions, and I loved her with my whole heart.

We were simply chatting about whatever, when I heard a small ding coming from my phone. I eagerly picked it up, and when I saw it was Connor who was texting me, the grin I had on my face turned into an even bigger smile. Sage, who was sitting next to me in the back of the car, didn't seem to notice, as she was chatting with Steele. It was 17.03 now, which meant we were about halfway to home.

Connah Frantah: boo, Troye Boy. We still hanging @ yours w/the guys later? X

Troye Boy Sivan 💙: yeah, you'll be there sooner than them, right? X

Connah Frantah: yes! I'll be there 18.00? Then they can come at .45 of something? X

Troye Boy Sivan 💙: sounds good, can't wait to kiss u💙💙 X

I was caught up in my own little world, one where Connor was already in my arms and I in his, where we were touching already. My eyes were soft, focused on my phone, and I was slouched in my seat a bit. And that's why I didn't notice Sage looking at me with raised eyebrows, nor that the conversation she and Steele were having had stopped. It was also the reason I didn't notice Sage leaning over to me and grabbing my phone out of my hands. I shrieked, and immediately was about to grab it back, but my sister was better at this game than me and held me off with one arm, while she was holding my phone with the other.

"Sage! Give my-" I tried grabbing my phone and, if course, failed, "phone back! Sage! That- no- those- those are private, Sage!" I tried pushing her away and grabbing my phone back, but even though she was my younger sister, she was stronger than me, and pushed me away.

"Aaahw Tokkiee," she said, half mockingly, half squealing, "here's your phone back," she continued, as she tossed my phone it me. And, as if by miracle, I actually managed to catch it. I was relieved to see she hadn't send Connor anything, but at the same time mad because she had read everything.


A couple hours later, I was cuddled up on the sofa with Connor, waiting for the boys to come. It was 18.46, which meant they would be here in about fifteen minutes, and we still hadn't done anything. We were supposed to set the living room up a bit, get some food in here and make some space. My parents were out in town, Steele was on a date, and Sage and Tyde were somewhere upstairs doing whatever.

Connors hand was running through my hair, and it made me lean just a little bit more against his chest, and hum a bit relaxation. That was, until I heard the doorbell ring at the mere time of 18.52. I got up in annoyance, though I didn't really have any right to be annoyed. I was sure this was going to be a fun night, despite the fact that the five guys standing outside right now knew Connor better than me, and Connor knew them better than he knew me. It wasn't a time to feel left out, though, this night was all about getting to know each other a bit better. Connor too, got up and sat up straight on the sofa, whereas he'd been lying before. I quickly pecked his lips, before walking to the hallway and opening the door.

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