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Sarah: okay, but, Troye, are you sure you want to perform The Fault in Our Stars with music today? We could still do something different you know?

Tim: Yeah Sarah we could but we practiced this song

Amy: yeah + i m like 2 lazy 2 practice another 1

Troye: yeah i'm sure. I didn't propose the idea 4 nothing

Tim: k, see ya in a bit then

Sarah: we set up during lunch right???

Amy: yeah

It was the next week now, and I was really pumped for music class. We chose to perform my song The Fault in Our Stars, which actually was the song that got me signed, and though I must admit I was a bit scared to hear what people thought about it, or maybe worse, that someone'd recognise me, I was stoked. It sounded really good with those guys and I actually wanted to set up a camera to film it and then post to youtube as a part of an explanation on why I hadn't posted anything the past two weeks. I still hadn't explained to them I had moved. I sighed and ate a little bit of cereal. I wasn't really hungry, but knowing I had to eat something I did. It was probably just nerves. I didn't think I'd be nervous about performing in friggin' music class. I had a YouTube channel with 1.5 million+ subscribers. I had a goddamn music video with this song and I had an EP I was working on. Then, why was I nervous performing an original song in music class?

When I arrived at school, I was happy to see Connor waiting for me. We walked towards English together, and although the fact that it was a Monday morning, I couldn't help but smile. Over the weekend we finished another song, Happy Little Pill, and to say it was the best song out of all was an understatement. I was really, really happy with it. Three down, one to go. And then recording, which would probably take a couple weeks and a couple days I had to go to the studio to record which would probably result into skipping school. Oh well. Music comes first. I got some strange looks at the huge grin on my face, but I didn't really care. My nerves for the small performance were pretty much gone because of my happy mood, which made me a lot more confident and comfortable.

"Psst. Troye boy, what put you in such a good mood?" Connor whispered to me during English, a small smirk settling on his lips. The fact that we were supposed to be working didn't seem to bother him and to be honest, I didn't really care either. It wasn't like school was going to determine my career. At least, I thought so.

And even though I really wanted to tell him what exactly put me in such a good mood, I didn't dare talk to him about my EP. It wasn't exactly something I could and would freely talk about wherever I went. My subscribers, my fans, didn't even know I was signed to a label. I had some explaining to do.

"Oh, err, nothing really. It's just something happened over the weekend that I'm really happy and exited about." That was all I could really tell him. The only ones that knew were my family (duh) and Kayla and Kerri because well, they're like my best friends. I hadn't even told anyone in the YouTube community I was working on an EP. Not even Zoe and Tyler who I was pretty close with. And so I definitely couldn't tell the pretty boy sitting next to me. I only knew him for about a week, for all I knew he could be, I don't know, homophobic or a murderer.

"Troye. That huge grin isn't 'nothing', come on. Tell me."


"Pleaaaaase?" He had put on puppy eyes and I bursted out laughing, which resulted in mr Sinclair glaring at me. Oops?

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