Reunited//Tronnor by tronnoralways
Reunited//Tronnorby Connie Frannie
It has been a year since Troye walked out on Connor. A year from they have seen each-other. Both boys have moved on, both are finally happy. What happens when they are b...
  • troyesivan
  • connorfranta
  • jonnor
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With all my heart: A Tronnor mpreg by amazing-emma
With all my heart: A Tronnor mpregby Emma (trash)
Connor stood there, his ears processing what just happened. He knew it was a possibility, but it was so rare that he didn't let it cross his mind. But, a small chance is...
  • tronnorfanfic
  • troye
  • troyesivan
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Ricky dillon's sister by ngc_17
Ricky dillon's sisterby ngc_17
He moved out 2 years ago. He broke all contact 1 year and 322 days ago. She became depressed 1 year ago Her first attempt was 1 year and 284 days ago The first time she...
  • depression
  • sam
  • rickydillon
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Lost. by zariah_doll
#4 zariah
pls dont read this Troye Sivan is just a normal teenager, only completely lost in the most literal sense of the word. He has absolutely no idea where he is or how he go...
  • troye
  • sivan
  • connorfranta
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Tronnor Mpreg One Shots *DISCONTINUED* by noodlevmin
Tronnor Mpreg One Shots * 리아
basically just a bunch of tronnor mpreg one shots, in case you haven't read the title. warning: mpreg
  • troye
  • tronnorfravan
  • gay
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Silent Treatment (boyxboy) by HerSweetPrince
Silent Treatment (boyxboy)by Jean-Axel
He ignores me. It's okay though. I don't talk to him either. We have never said a word to each other, ever since we laid eyes on each other. We're giving each other the...
  • gayship
  • silent
  • treatment
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cuddle buddy by -sailingships
cuddle buddyby ·*ೃ༄
"will you be my cuddle buddy?" or in which two boys make love under a cherry blossom tree fem!dan and jock!phil phanfiction of the year 2017 highest ranking #1...
  • harrystyles
  • gay
  • lgbt
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Instagram // Colby Brock by magcon_bruh
Instagram // Colby Brockby magcon_bruh
Scotland James is a 17 year old youtuber and model who grows up on social media. But she meets a boy who changes her life. For the better? For the worst? d...
  • jccaylen
  • aarondoh
  • samgolbach
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Punk Pastels by ThePilot44
Punk Pastelsby L.v.
Punk Phil Pastel dan au - completed :)
  • chris
  • pasteldan
  • flowercrowns
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A Hemmings Stepsister? by mashtonscuddles
A Hemmings Stepsister?by ari
"I don't want a family! I just want it me and you dad!" "I'm sorry. We're moving in with them whether you like it or not baby girl." Melanie Hartman...
  • 5sauce
  • troyesivan
  • lukehemmings
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Dare > jian  by ssoftlarrie
Dare > jian by princess
dare \der/ verb 1.°having the courage to do something° Kian Lawley, the schools jock, gets dared to date the schools nerd, Jc Caylen. Things happen and feelings start m...
  • jian
  • jccaylen
  • connorfranta
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vinyls - tracob  by miserableroses
vinyls - tracob by malia♡
where jacob works in a music store and troye gets abused sometimes. dom!jacob fem!troye
  • gay
  • 5sos
  • freethelgbt
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oblivion| timothée chalamet [1] by -babystylinson
oblivion| timothée chalamet [1]by -n ✨
timothée chalamet x oc "fake dating?" [social media x real life] started: 16/5/18 finished: 22/8/18
  • fanfiction
  • celebrity
  • boyxgirl
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Troye Sivan Quotes by caalien
Troye Sivan Quotesby big ol' mo
^Quotes from the amazing Troye Sivan. Yeah^ *yes i know i may forget some words or make mistakes*
  • youtube
  • troyesivan
  • quotes
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Childhood Friends {Joe and Zoe Sugg} by JoeSuggImaginer
Childhood Friends {Joe and Zoe Multi Fandom Fanfics
Emmy, a 24 year old YouTuber, lives in LA.However , after a horrid love life of ups and downs , mainly downs, she decides it's finally time to move , so she moves to Lon...
  • marcusbutler
  • malfie
  • narcus
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pour lui (tronnor au) by -hiraethia
pour lui (tronnor au)by kt !!
one cares too little. the other cares too much.
  • youtubers
  • connorfranta
  • troyesivan
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8 Hot Youtubers And Me | {Finished} by Random_writer_35
8 Hot Youtubers And Me | {Finished}by Not gonna say
(Book 2) I was going to have another boring weekend. I got a letter. I looked at it. Just like last time but now I have 8 youtubers all to myself
  • jalepaul
  • ivanmartinez
  • danhowell
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Tronnor: One-Shots by jackyangelalo
Tronnor: One-Shotsby jacky
  • love
  • lgbt
  • oneshots
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Celebrity Weight Gain Oneshots by huggabletyler
Celebrity Weight Gain Oneshotsby huggabletyler
oneshots about different celebrities gaining weight! requests open!!
  • laurenjauregui
  • weightgain
  • oneshots
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church boys • tracob ✓ by meIodramas
church boys • tracob ✓by !
there's this boy in my youth group.
  • alternateuniverse
  • âu
  • church
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