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Fuck. I had hoped so badly that no one would recognise me. And for about a week, it went really well. And though I hadn't liked the fact that people made fun of me because of my appearance and the fact that my first sentence had been "I like to sing.", I had enjoyed being a nobody. In Perth, people mostly knew who I was. Not everyone cared, the people in my street for example were like 'oh yeah Troye. I know him. Doesn't go out a lot.' But when I went out into the city I was stopped a lot for pictures and chats. I enjoyed those, don't get me wrong, but it was nice, nobody knowing who I was. And I was determined to keep it that way. Yes, that one girl had recognised me, and yes, Connor would soon find out more about me, but that wouldn't keep me from hiding that part of me at school. People weren't supposed to find out about that part of me. I didn't want them to be biased. I didn't want them to know me before, well, getting to know me. A ding signalled that I had gotten a text. I hurried to pick up my phone.

Connah Frantah: Troye boy...

Troye boy Sivan 💙: ?

Connah Frantah: You're like, famous. Do you mind telling me more?

Troye boy Sivan 💙: kay. Come over and O can tell u now

Troye boy Sivan 💙: I*

Connah Frantah: ok.

I had truly no idea why I asked him to come over when I'd just told him to go home. I also had no idea why I was procrastinating. I really had to film that video. It wasn't even that hard of a video to make. I just had to tell them I was signed to a label, that I had kept that secret for about a year, and that I had moved away from Perth to Minnesota. Without telling them the name of the small village I now lived in. It wasn't that difficult.

The doorbell rung and before I even got the chance to run down the stairs, Steele opened the door.

"Hi. I'm here for Troye?"

"Yeah, give me a second to call him- TROYE!"

Steele's voice boomed through the living room and I walked to the hall, absentmindedly running a hand through my quiff to fix it up a bit.

"Hey, Con-" wow. He looked good. I had seen him last half an hour before, but damn he looked good. No. Troye. No. you are not developing a crush on this guy. Your last relationship only ended 6 weeks ago, you have music to focus on, you don't even have time. But even Troye-who-definitely-did-not-start-to-develop-a-crush had to admit that Connor Franta looked really good.

"We could go upstairs? I'll get us something to drink. Just go up the stairs, second door on your left."

I heard Steele chuckle and Connor looked a bit awkward but started to walk towards the stairs. I decided to ignore my older brother and get two glasses with lemonade with some cookies.


I walked up the stairs with caution, looking around for any signs that Troye had all those subscribers he had. Any sign that he wasn't just an ordinary boy with an angelic voice. Anything. But I couldn't find any. His home was like any other, though it still lacked a bit personality and I could see two tucked away moving boxes. The second door on the left gave me entrance to Troye's room, which actually had some personality. It had a lot of it. There was a camera set up by his bed, a desk full of paper and notebooks and there were lights and a microphone in the corner. Damm.  He seemed really serious about this YouTube thing, which, with him having more than 1.5 million subscribers, I could see.

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