The Ritual Pt. 2

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Third Person

"Well, now that you know who I am. Let's get this ritual started," Taisla smiled, walking down next to the podium Emma had set for her.

Rebel pushed past the pack, moving to the front. Unlike Imogen, who was crying hysterically, Rebel had no trace of tears, not in his eyes or in track marks on his reddening face. His eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, and hard. The unmoving gaze was accompanied by deliberate slow breathing, like he was fighting something back.

"How could you do this to us! To her!" Rebel raged, dashing up to his mother. Her minions stood in front of Taisla, protecting her from Rebel's wrath. Anger was overwhelming Rebel blinding him from thinking rationally. He regretted the years he spent searching for this god awful woman.

"Oh, my poor Rebel. You both were brought to earth for a reason and tonight you will learn it," Taisla devilish smirked, enjoying the angrier aura that was coming off her son.

Imogen felt defeated.

All this time, she spent her recent nights frightened because of her mother. Mothers were supposed to protect you, care for you, and love you, but Imogen's mother had planned to kill her all along. Suddenly, it made sense why her mother was distant for most of her life. Taisla didn't want to get attached to the daughter she would eventually have to kill. For some odd reason, Imogen had faith in her mother believing she was under a spell. Clearly, that wasn't the case.

"Rebel," Robert placed his hand on his shoulder. "Forget about her. Your mother is gone now and we have other things to worry about," Robert consoled, rubbing the nape of his neck. Rebel nodded, turning around to follow Robert.

"We're staring now! I'm not letting you all ruin tonight for me," Taisla said, flipping through the countless pages. Taisla gestured for her minions to go behind the group, making sure they're doing everything correctly.

"When you get the chance. Break the fire circle," Robert whispered to Violet, his longtime witch friend. Violet nodded, snapping her fingers, and caused herself to become invisible. Violet moved towards Taisla, having a vast view of the ritual.

The sky was black tranquility married to a poetry of stars. In the serenade of the black, the stars are a choir; they are lights that sing in infinite patterns. The moonlight was a diffuse ocean above them, lessening the inky blackness of the night, but not as bright as to dull the stars that speckled and glittered in the heavens above.

Robert stared up at the sky, noticing one-third of the moon starting to be covered. Anything can occur from the minutes that led up to the lunar eclipse. Robert tenderly squeezed Daenerys's hand, causing her to do the same back. Daenerys sent him a reassuring smile, letting go of his hand and moving a few inches apart.

"Remember what we discussed, we have to form the circle first," Robert said, watching everyone flock into their place.

Imogen sat in the ring of fire, feeling crushed. Her finger glided against the dirt, forming letters with them. Imi glanced up, meeting Lucas's soften magnificent eyes. Lucas's arm reached out into the fire, causing it uproar but before it could catch his hand, Taisla's minion grabbed him.

Taisla's minion placed a cold sharp blade against his neck, threatening to hurt him. Imogen jolt up, a tangled knot was in her stomach. "Please! Don't hurt him! I beg you please, you have me already," Imogen pleaded, wishing you could do anything.

Taisla's bursted into laughter, gesturing with her hand at the minion. The minion released Lucas, retrieving the knife and placing it into his pocket. "Don't worry, Imi. No one is hurting your boy toys, of course, only if you listen to me," Taisla answered, moving over for Emma to take her place.

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