I hate my life!

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The egg yolk sun poured through the cracks in my blinds and waited entrance into my eyes. Groaning, I reached for my pillow and blocked out the sun. But it was too late. The sun had awoken me already. My hands intensely rubbed my eyes and scrubbed the dreams away. Glancing over to my phone and releasing, the day has finally arrived.

Our families were going to meet and discuss the baby tonight.

Before drifting away into slumber, last night's shouts from my father were heard and ended once the door slammed. How does my father's publicist deal with his outbursts? The amount of money they have to pour into the tabloids to keep them from airing out my father's dirty laundry.

My nose wafted the juicy meat aroma that was going around my house. My stomached started grumbling, begging to be feed. Last night's dinner didn't go to plan, and I ended up sleeping on an empty stomach. Hopefully, tonight will go more smoothly; it can't get any worse, right?

My feet slipped into my sandals, shuffling towards my poster covered door. Slamming my door behind me and continued down my long granite white stairs. One of my butlers was waiting at the edge to greet us every morning.

"Morning Pelambre," I greeted, and he bowed.

Pelambre is one of our quieter bulters. He rarely ever talked to any of us even his co-workers. My father has gotten in many fights with him since he always hated when Pelambre wouldn't responde with words.

My feet traveled towards the kitchen, finding my mother swirling the beef in the pan. My mother was dumping different seasoning making the smell get even better. The urge to dig a spoon into the pan and consume spoonful of meating was growing.

Gosh, I'm so hungry.

"If you're hungry. Get a small snack. Dinner will be ready in an hour," my mother said.

"Alright," I replied, digging through my fridge, searching for something to ease my growling stomach. In one of the drawers, I spotted a pack of grapes and took them out. I gave them a quick rinse and started devouring them at a rapid pace.

After consuming over half of the container of grapes. I placed the remaining back into the refrigerator. My hand instantly went into my pocket finding my phone no where to be seen. Did I forget it upstairs?

After rushing up the stairs, I grabbed my phone from my bed stand and automatically unlocking. My notifications were filled with messages from Drew and Imogen. My hand hesitantly hovered over Imogen's message before clicking on Drew's.

From Drew:
Getting ready, can't wait to see you.

To Drew :
Okay! See you in a few

After replying I started heading to the shower. There's nothing wrong with getting ready early besides I can use my extra time resting in my bed. All the stories I've heard about his mother made her out to be sweet, hardworking lady. My emotions were all over the place, confused, scared, excited to meet her. Sadly, the circumstances weren't the best but hopefully she won't think I'm a whore. My eyes started to doze off as I pulled my blanket closer to my body.


"Frankie wake up!" Parker said, knocking my door.

"What. . ." I moaned, stretching my arms as I raised myself off the bed.

"Your little friend is here," Parker replied.

"Alright, I'll be out in a minute," I answered, grabbing one of Drew's hoodies. I don't feel comfortable wearing a tank top in front of others. My body felt and looked disgusting; I hate it. These days, my towels cover my mirror and kept me from bodyshaming myself.

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