Please Don't Do This

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Should I start putting songs for you to listen to during the chapter? 

"Sweetheart," Kai whined, and I had to force every bone in my body not to punch him in the nose. "Sweetheart!" He whined louder, using his fingers to make curls with my hair. 

I swat his hand away and said, "Can you shut up before I give you a black eye."

He rolled his eyes. "Is it the time of your month? You're so bitchy," he grumbled, angrily crossing his arms around his chest. 

"First of all, just because I don't want you to talk to me doesn't mean I'm on period. You have to accept the fact that you're extremely annoying and I'm this close to ripping you to shreds," I snapped, curling my hands into a fist.

"Fine, I'll stop talking," he mumbled, turning around facing away from me.

"Thank you! I appreciate it," I smiled, and closed my eyes taking in the silence engulfing the room.

"Why would you want to hurt me? I'm your boyfriend aren't I?" Kai questioned, however he was still facing the other way.

"I thought you said you were going to stop talking?" 

"I don't understand why you're fighting with me! We're supposed to be making out with each other," Kai said.

"Wow! I hate to ruin this little conversation between two lovers but I don't really care. We have something to discuss with you, Imogen," Katherine interrupted, and for once in my miserable life I was thankful for her.

Katherine yanked the cell door open and stretched her leg to land a strong kick against Kai's gut. He groaned, clutching his stomach and huddled into a ball. Katherine rushed over, violently grabbing my arm and dragging me outside of the cell.

"Why the fuck you hit me for if you're taking her?"Kai complained while Katherine was locking the cage with her key.

"I was trying to stop you from escaping," Katherine answered.

"I didn't even move!" 

"Yeah, but you have a punchable face," Katherine added before leaving him alone in cage with his lonely thoughts.

"You don't understand how much I wanted to beat the shit out of him," I said, following behind Katherine because I had no choice.

"No, I definitely understand," Katherine bluntly responded.

"So why do you need me? I figured I was in time out for what I did to Lucas," I said, wondering what was in store for me.

Katherine left my questions unanswered still gripping onto my wrist as she dragged me down her narrow hallway. Eventually, we ended up in tight square room with the walls replaced with glasses. The entire room was empty only thing accompanying it was lone chair sitting in the middle of space. 

After, entering Katherine sealed the metal-door shut with long rectangular latch. I wandered around the room, gliding my fingers against the plain glass. During my stroll around the room, I caught a glimpsed of a group of people huddled together in what appeared to be a soundbooth. 

"Do you plan on murdering me in here and have the others watch?" I asked.

"We have reached our last resort," Katherine sternly said, leaning against the metal door. "If this doesn't save you. . .I might just have to kill you."

"You can try but I'm pretty crafty," I smirked, cocking my perfect arched brow basically challenging her. 

"Imogen, please make it easier on us and break already," Katherine pleaded. 

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