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Third Person

Rebel was dressed up in all black clothing, appropriate for a school dance he was forced to go to. He was waiting in the car for Frankie to start heading to the school. Frankie came out in her colorful dress, showcasing her toned legs making Rebel's breathing hitch. She opened the car door, sitting herself and buckling her seatbelt. 

"Let's go," she said. 

Frankie's eyes gazed outside to the murky depths, tined pink and orange from the setting sun. She opened the window, embracing the breeze on her cheeks. The blue-gray sky, now slowly fading to soft pastel as the sun started dipping below the horizon. The sky was able to distract Frankie during the entire ride. Rebel was parking the car, both in complete silence. After the conversation they had before, Frankie didn't have anything else to say. 

They start making their way towards the beige concrete building. It was brighter today, filled with teenagers running to the entrance. The entrance was covered with rainbow-colored balloons, lighting, and a gigantic sign. Her eyes watched over the groups of friends, taking pictures and living their best lives. Rebel latched onto her arm, holding her from walking away. 

"Frankie we can find another way," Rebel pleaded, looking into her soulful brown eyes.

"This is the only way!" she exclaimed, fixing her circled designed belt.

Rebel rushed his fingers through his gelled locks. "I can't just... I can't just let you get yourself killed," he licked his lips nervously. 

"Just because Katherine gave you a warning," She assured, grabbing a hold of his sweaty hand. "Doesn't mean I'm going to die."

One of his brows raised. "Are you saying it's 50/50 shot?" He pulled in her closer, holding her hand close to his chest. Her breath hitched, afraid to look up into the boy's eyes, they haven't been this close since the kiss. "Look, I'm sorry, I can't go through with it, I have to tell Imogen."

He started walking away but Frankie stopped him in his tracks. "No! If you care about me at all, you will promise to not say anything," she pleaded. She needed to do this, she needed to be able to save her best friend.

"Franks," he sighed, playing with his button on his shirt. "I can't-."
"Please, promise me," she begged, staring into his glistening brown eyes under the decoration lights. "I can't explain but I can feel it. I know I can do it...I feel empowered."

"Fine," he gritted his teeth. He pulled her into a hug, holding her tight against his chest, Frankie could hear his heart beating. Frankie could stay like this forever, she loved being his arms but it would be better if he wanted her the same way. They felt someone else joining in the hug, confused Rebel looked up to see Drew's foolish grin.

"Drew let go," Rebel said, releasing Frankie from his grip. "I'm going to go inside now," Rebel left them alone, going inside to take care of teenagers. 

"How long have you been there?" Frankie asked, slowly walking towards the entrance and being attacked by the other students who were throwing balloons.

He smirked, fixing his button-up shirt."So is the 50/50 situation true?" Frankie stopped in her tracks, feeling her heart drop down.  

"He was worried, I just wanted to keep him quiet," she explained, hoping Drew isn't planning to do the same thing Rebel was. She couldn't quite read his expression, his eyes weren't fixed on her but on the girls walking by.

"So you willing to lay it out all on the line for Imogen, No matter what," he questioned, connecting his hand to hers and twirling her towards him.

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