Be My Date?

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                                                 Sexual content towards the end of the chapter!                       

                                                                                            Drew's POV

"Garett throw me a bottle of water please," I said trying to catch my breath. The warm sun from the sunny spring sky beat down on my exposed shoulders. Our coach just gave us a five-minute break from practice. I saw Garett throwing the bottle in my direction and I caught it. Garett was our waterboy. He was awful in the game but his snacks were worth it. 

"Thank you, Garett," I shouted opening the bottle. The water is crispy, clear, and refreshing. I couldn't help but drink all in one go. It refreshed my body getting ready for the next sets were going to have to do. I skipped a few practices recently and now I'm all out of shape. I'm so ready to just be able to go back home or do anything but this. 

"Okay, 100 pushups in 120 seconds go," everyone dropped to the floor and started going as fast as we could.


I showered quickly after practice. I put on the black jeans that I brought from home and a red t-shirt to go along with it. After I put on my sneakers I grabbed my bag and closed the locker. On my way out I gave my buds fist pumps.

"Garett please bring your grandma's rice pudding next week," I said, smiling pointing at him.

  "Got you, bro," he said pointing back. I walked my way out of the locker room and past the football field. On my walk to the car, I pulled out my phone to catch up on social media. There was nothing interesting going on twitter and my Instagram was filled with thirsty girls messaging me. I wish Imogen was the one messaging me right now but I'll just send the first text like always.

To: My Princess

Can I come over? I need to talk to you.

I reached my car and unlocked. I placed my backpack on my passenger seat and got settled it. 

From:  My Princess

Yes I'm home

Good thing she answered because I was still going to go anyways. I just didn't want to awkwardly wait outside her house till she came. Imogen has been down lately because of her relationship with Lucas. I can't say I hope they back together because I want her for myself. I don't plan to steal her away right now but just be there for her if she needs me. I put the car in drive and start driving to her house. 


I parked the car right in front of Imogen's blue and yellow style house. The porch was more decorative this time. They must have brought new flowers to make the porch more welcoming. I'm pretty sure Frankie picked the flowers since she always loved them. For the short time we were together she would always want me to get her flowers every week. I didn't really mind but if I got a flower that she didn't like. She wouldn't leave me alone about it. Sometimes I miss being with Frankie or being with anyone. 

I opened the car door and proceed to get out. I locked the down and walked to Imogen's gate unlocking it. Once unlocked I walk towards her porch to her door. I softly knocked on the door and waited for a reply. The door slowly crept open showing brown curly locks laughing. 

"Oh Hey Drew what brings you here?" she asked holding the door.

"I told Imogen I wanted to speak to her," I watch her eyebrows raise and nod.

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