I Can't Lose You

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Third Person

"The ritual is only two days away. We should all assume that Taisla plans to kill Imogen to consume her powers," Robert explained, which echoed down the halls reaching Drew who was getting a drink from the kitchen.

Everyone has been on edge, the week is dragging itself longer than normal. The group was huddled up in the navy couches in Robert's home. Robert was in the middle of the group, informing them of how everything would go down. They all had to protect each other, but Imogen was the most important. Imogen gripped the armrest tightly, along with clenching her thighs. Her heart weighed with guilt; everyone was risking their lives for her, but what happens if she isn't the chosen one they wanted.

The other families have actual families while she only had her brother. She couldn't live with the fact if anyone here dies, even Carter's annoying ass. Kate and Sawyer have children to take care of, but they are risking it all for her. Why? Is she really worth all of this?

During the last weeks, she spent them terrified. Every time she washed her hair, it would come out in clumps. During the night she would wake up from her nightmares, covered in sweat and thinking Taisla killed her. Daenerys would always rush to her room, helping her settle down, but it didn't always work. Eventually, Daenerys decided to sleep with her.

Going to school didn't help; Imogen couldn't focus on anything other than the ritual. Now, she felt at ease knowing that she had the elixir.

Drew entered the living room, his shoes tapping on the white polished floor. They filled all the couches, leaving Drew to lean back onto one of the elegant stone pedestals. The sun was shining through the beige curtains, striking right at Imogen. Drew brought his drink up to his lips, gulping it up while listening intensively.

"Why are we even letting her take Imogen's power?" Drew blurted, causing all the group's heads to turn towards him. "We can kill her today... with Frankie!"

Imogen rolled her eyes. She had almost enough of this subject with him. Why couldn't he yet understand that I didn't want to risk my best friend's life, she thought?

"Drew," Robert said, his lips straight as a line. He doesn't have the right to voice his opinion. He isn't a part of the special families so ultimately he has no vote.

"No. Frankie can't use that much power without killing herself," Imogen explained. He has to understand she makes the decisions now, and he has to suck it up and deal with it.

Drew took a sip of his juice, using his hand to wipe the excess left on his upper lips. "I'll write a great eulogy then," Drew suggested. Why didn't she understand that all he wanted is for her to be protected, he thought?

"It's not an option, Drew," Imogen shook her head, her voice laced with irritation. Drew's blood was boiling, but he sent her a half-smile to assure her.

"All right, how do we break the curse again?" Jojo asked, holding the hand of her husband. Lucas's parents missed the first meeting and lacked the knowledge that the rest of them had.

"Well, the ritual itself is relatively straightforward," Robert stated, walking over the coffee table and reaching for the wooden box. "The ingredients, so to speak. You already know." He opened the box, revealing a cloudy, colored oval object.

"The moonstone," Carter chimed in, pushing his large lenses back. Robert held the stone up for everyone to see.

"Next we all pour some of our blood on the stone. Then a witch will channel the power of the eclipse to release the spell that's bound within the stone. After that, we wait until the bright light strikes Imogen and free us from the curse," Robert said, placing the stone back into the wooden box and sealing the lock.

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