Imogen Someone is Looking for You

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Third Person 

Frankie walked out from her room with a frown plastered on her lips. "Do you know how uncomfortable it is to sleep with handcuffs!" she exclaimed, dragging her feet down the wooden stairs. She spent most of the night trying to find a comfortable position that wouldn't irritate her hands.

"I'm sorry, Franks!" Imi said, inhaling her breakfast on the kitchen island. "I would unlock them for you if Rebel told me where the keys were," she whispered since Rebel was in the kitchen. Rebel heard every word as he flipped the pancake that was streaming in the pan.

"I'll tell you where they are," he answered, picking up the pancake with his spatula and placing it on a plate. "Once I can trust you won't tell Frankie," he stated, bringing the plate over to the island. Imogen playfully rolled her eyes, sticking her tongue out at him when he turned back. 

Imogen lifted herself from the chair, walking over to Rebel and placing her hands on his shoulders. "Lighten up! Frankie hasn't messed up at all this week." Rebel decided to let Frankie go to school without the handcuffs. When they arrived home, Rebel was a complete mess, thinking she was going to hurt someone again but she showed him.

"I think I deserve to go to the homecoming dance," Frankie mumbled, consuming the pancakes quickly. During the week, she bought herself a loose colorful dress for the decade's theme dance. Imogen glanced at Frankie's pancakes, trying to nibble on them. "Hey, you already had your own," Frankie giggled, whacking her hands away.

"Yeah, but Rebel didn't burn yours!" Imogen narrowed her eyes at the back of Rebel's head. "Are you sure about going to the dance?" Imogen wondered, looking deep into her chestnut-colored eyes.    

"Yes! I want to have some fun," she cheered, waving her hands in the air. "And not be handcuff all day in my bed," she scowled towards Rebel, pretending to stab her fork into his back. Frankie tapped her phone, seeing the bright screen appear and noticing what time it was. "Damn it we're going to be late," her eyes widened, shoving the last pieces of pancakes down her throat. She dragged her feet towards Rebel, tapping his back and looking at her handcuffs. 

"Oh, right," Rebel said, dropping the pans into the sink and started to walk towards the stairs. Frankie followed, leaving Imogen alone watching a cartoon on the television. Rebel had the key hidden in his room, behind his favorite shoes that he always kept in his room. Frankie was waiting in the hall for her wrist to be free. 


"Finally!" Imogen proclaimed, basically jumping up from the couch, "We are currently missing 2nd period and they started playing this stupid cartoon who just made me all aggravated."

"You don't even like chemistry," Frankie laughed, picking up her platform shoes.

"True but I was aiming to at least pass one class," Imogen said, slipping her feet into her black flats. "Are you dropping us off?"   

Rebel came down with his signature leather jacket folded on his shoulders. Frankie couldn't tear her eyes from his well-defined biceps that were on full display because of his tank top. Rebel felt her gaze fixed upon him, her lips slightly parted and her cheeks burning. 

"Yes, let's go! I'm going to be late for work," he commented, grabbing his keys from the island and walking towards the girls. 


"Bye," they both said in unison, rushing out of the car to the front doors. Imogen waved at Kenny who sneakily opened the door, helping them not to receive a detention slip. Imogen and Frankie fisted pumped the security guard, walking in to see the halls crowded with students. They just so happen to make it before third period started. 

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