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We walked hand interlocked into his room upstairs. His parents weren't here at the moment, but I'm usually here, so I doubt they would mind. His room was cluttered with his schoolwork. Stacks of papers everywhere since he probably has so many tests coming up since it's close to the end of the school year. The last time I studied was during the beginning of the year. Most days I'm just too tired to get work done.

"Sorry for my books. Gotta past those tests," he nervously chuckled, trying to move the stacks of books off his bed. 

"Shit. .. I forgot all about that. I'm obviously not passing," I frowned, inspecting one of his papers showing a complicated math problem. 

"I don't even remember learning this. You have a dumbass as your girlfriend," I sighed, pushing my brown locks from my face. Instantly, I felt like hiding myself from him. 

How could I let myself fall so far behind?

"You're not a dumbass. Being special has just made your life more complicated," He assured me, softly grasped my chin. He turned my head, fixing me in place with those enchanting eyes. "None of this is your fault." 

 My lips formed into a sweet smile, leaning towards him and placing a gentle peck on his cheek. 


After what felt like countless hours of cuddling and watching chick-flicks. Lucas started working on his homework while I rested in bed, catching up on social media. He kept telling me how many assignments he had due this week and that he's probably going to have to pull many all-nighters just to catch up.  

"Should I leave?" I asked getting up from my bed.

"You don't have too. But if you have something else to do you can. I'll miss you though."

"I have to go see Frankie but I'll be back before I have to go back tomorrow," I said putting my boots back on and grabbing my cardigan. "Bye babe," I pecked his lips before walking out. 

"Bye," he yelled while I stepped down the stairs.

I haven't had time to see Frankie since discovering out about her baby. I want to be there for her, for these hard time. My heart longed for her, no-one deserved to go through this. Frankie was braved to keep the baby from her rapists but I'm not so sure the baby survived those dreadful wounds.

I texted Drew since I assumed he was probably with her.

TO Drew The other boy you love

I rolled my eyes when I clicked on his contact. He must have changed it when he asked to use my calculator. I debated over changing it but ulitmately decided to focus on seeing Frankie again. Hopefully, I remembered to change it before Lucas noticed or that could cause another problem.

What hospital is Frankie staying at?

From Drew
Saint Jude's hospital

Well, that pretty far walk, the amount of exercise I've been getting. I clicked on the phone icon and called for a taxi. I'm not walking this late in the night alone to some area that I never been to before. Especially, knowing the bounty on my head growing higher with every day that pasted.


To pass time, I played a few games on my phone and eventually noticed the car stopped. I looked up to see the hospital in front of me. Accident and emergency, wide entrance with automatic sliding glass doors, ambulances lined up outside, paramedics wheeling in patients on trollies, one is a child in a neck brace.  

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