Christmas Dance

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    Some sexual contact when you get to Frankie's POV if you don't want to read it, just skip over it :).                    


Rushing through my morning routine, I grabbed a towel from my hanger and dashed to the bathroom. Quickly after my shower, I grabbed a pink crop top and blue jeans from my dresser. After changing, I added mascara and opened the black box Drew gave me. It was sweet of him to buy me a new pair. The glasses matched my face. It wasn't too big or too small. He must have spent some time trying to decide on a pair for me. I walked down the stairs and could detect the burnt toast smell that Rebel was cooking.

"Morning Reb. Thanks for the breakfast," I sat down to the burnt toast with a few egg whites next to it. 

"You're welcome," he sat down in front of me with proper toast on his plate. I gasped, pointing at his plate, then at mine. "It was an accident, besides I'm allowing you to go tonight so eat the damn toast," he chuckled. It took two weeks of laundry duty to be able to go tonight. I don't really mind since Rebel has been working regularly at his work. 

"If only mom was alive to enjoy this with us," I sighed as I used my fork to play around with my eggs.

"At least we have each other," he smiled, and I smiled back.

"I should get going," I said as I placed the plate in the sink. 

I went by my door and looked at my shoe selection. Eventually, picking my go-to combat boots and yelled out a "thank you!" before walking out the door and proceeded to school. 


"Hey, babe. Who gave you those glasses?" Lucas asked, waiting by my locker.

"Oh, Drew got them for me when he asked me to the dance," I said, opening my locker.

"You want to go with him?" Lucas questioned, nervously licking his lips.

"Why would I when I'm already going with the best," I flirted, cutely batting my eyelashes.

"Oh really?" he chuckled.

"Yes," I wiggled my eyebrows.

"You ready to dance later?" Lucas asked, "I have some fascinating dance moves to show you."

"I can't wait to be swept off my feet," I giggled, closing my locker after grabbing my book. Lucas and I laced our fingers together as we strolled down the hall. Lucas dropped me off at psychology while he went to the other side of the school for chemistry. 

I walked to my seat right next to Frankie.

"Can't wait for tonight Drew," I heard Frankie say to Drew who happened to be in this class. Since when? I swear I only had English with him but usually when I'm with Frankie I don't pay attention to anyone else. 


"Hey, Imogen," Drew said, dashing to me.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Do you know what kind of flowers Frankie likes?"

 Really, he's freaking buying her flowers? It's almost cute. It would have been cuter if he didn't ask me to the dance too! Why do I even care? Probably because I don't want him to hurt Frankie. I'm so confused.

"Uh, yeah sunflowers why?" I questioned.

"I'm taking her to the dance as a date," he smiled. "Maybe it will lead to something." I rolled my eyes.

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