Let's Go !

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"Why are you even here, Drew?" I rolled my eyes and raised my brows in suspicion.

"To come to save you. You think I would at least get a thank you," he said, crossing his arms.

"You're right," I leaned against the back of his chair. "Thank you, but I told you not to risk your life for me anymore," I added, earning an eye roll from him.

"It's nice to know you still care princess," he replied and my eyes wandered to the car mirror, seeing a smirk plastered on his face.

"Stop calling me that!" I groaned and rolled my eyes in annoyance. 

Why is it so fun to make me so frustrated?

"When you're actually nice for once," he smirked.

"How rude! I am nice," I raised my voice slightly, pointing my finger towards him.

"You guys sound like an old married couple." Rebel said, causing my leg to gently kick his chair. 

"No, we're not!" I argued, continuing to hit his chair several more times.

Thoughts of Lucas consumed my mind, I hope he isn't being tortured right now. My body was trembling by just the thought of him getting hurt. I don't understand how Drew could be so cruel, leaving Lucas there to suffer. I would have survived a few more days out there. Most of my wounds were fully healed already.  All that was left was dried blood on my face and of course my shirt.

"Yeah yeah, then why you save me the other night?" Drew beamed as he looked into the rear mirror and wiggled his eyebrows.

"The next time you're almost about to die, maybe I should let you," I said, instantly regretting the words that escaped my mouth. 

His grin immediately left his face and turned to frown. He stared out the window and sat silently for the rest of the ride. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings like that; the words slipped out before I could process them. Guilt overwhelmed my heart, and I wasn't making it any better by lashing out.

The house was miles away from where I was locked up. How didn't I wake up during this lengthy drive? He must have made sure we had no chance of waking up. That entire night was a blur, I couldn't remember anything after Lucas and I fell asleep. The first thing I planned to do when we reached the house was taking a shower. My hair had ruffled up leaves and dirt in it, while my clothes were drenched in blood and mud. Before my shower, I needed to tend to my wounds that were still healing and help the regeneration work faster. My eyes followed the bright soulful moon all the way home.

Eventually, we arrived back at the ghoulish vampire house. Rebel parked his black truck carefully and went to open my door. My feet felt numb from the lack of walking, but Rebel wanted to help me out. Drew ignored us, walking straight to the house with no care in the world. 

"Drew, help me with Princess over here," Rebel chuckled, struggling to hold my weight. Either Rebel has to go to the gym more often or I must have gained weight. 

"Am I really that heavy?" A cheeky smile formed on my face, questioning him.

"Maybe," he joked. "Drew come on!" 

I watched him hesitating to come over but ultimately deciding to come to help Rebel. Rebel handed me into Drew's arms. Opposed to Rebel, Drew was able to hold my weight so easily. Maybe I wasn't huge after all. His entire body was tensed and his expression made it seem like he wanted to be anywhere but here. My mind was telling me to say I'm sorry, but my ego wouldn't let me. 

"Go help heal her wounds," Rebel told him and I pouted but I try to not show it. I didn't want to make Drew even more upset. I already did enough damage earlier. If only my legs weren't numb, then I could walk myself and tend to my own wounds. I'm not a little child. I can manage cleaning them myself.  

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