BLAZE  | AVENGERS by panicatthepieters
"you can't fight fire with fire" "of course you should fight fire with fire, you should fight everything with fire" "you're st...
  • thor
  • blackwidow
  • captainamerica
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Salvatore Witch by Korrynn-Nadine
Salvatore Witchby Rynn
Lya Salvatore was the first Salvatore witch to be born into the family since Silas. After being orphaned at the age of ten, she was raised and trained by none other than...
  • klausmikaelson
  • hayleymarshall
  • werewolf
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The Girl With The Scarf || Alastor Moody by Queen_Nymph_Zinnia
The Girl With The Scarf || Alastor...by E.M Bartley
Alastor Moody had always been reserve, even for a Slytherin. It's not that he didn't have time for friends, but his rough exterior had deemed him less approachable to hi...
  • wizards
  • harrypotter
  • spells
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Who am I ?  by Shan0098
Who am I ? by Shan0098
Who am I ? All these questions that never get answered Anna is my name well that is the name I was given when I was left at orphanage about 19 years ago Don't know th...
  • love
  • witch
  • girlxboy
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My Magical Hair(Fairytale Kingdom Series #1) by faithfantasia
My Magical Hair(Fairytale Kingdom...by Faith Hope
[Fairytale Kingdom Series #1] Rapunzel is a princess who has long, magical hair. In that way, she finds her prince of her life. But mine's different. Yes, I do have my h...
  • farytail
  • longhair
  • magicalhair
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The Witches  by Chloe-Tonks-Potter
The Witches by ~Chloe~
COMING SOON You think life is hard? Try hiding a bigger secret then having a crush. Meet Chloe Hallow, a 16 year old girl, with a normal life...... well that's what peop...
  • witchcraft
  • powers
  • halloween
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Isabellas POV. for MoonLight Monsters by Anime_baka_17
Isabellas POV. for MoonLight Monst...by Anime_baka_17
This is the P.O.V Of Isabella Valentine from the book Moonlight Monsters Current being written by my friend @williamwulf Go check it out. Isabella has green eyes and per...
  • vampire
  • lemon
  • werewolf
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Supernatural Summer {Supernatural Voltron AU} by Ever_The_Elf
Supernatural Summer {Supernatural...by Ever The Elf
Supernatural Voltron AU, but with an OC, three gravity falls characters and a reverse falls Bill. I'm not very good at summaries, but basically Ash, a were-cat/mermaid h...
  • dipperpine
  • antok
  • shiro
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The Arcana -Julian  by Starlightslaughter
The Arcana -Julian by ☆Wic☆
This leaves off from where Julian's story ends in the Arcana. If you haven't reached the cliffhanger yet, read at your own risk of spoilers. SPOILERS : DUH JULIAN X R...
  • mystery
  • blood
  • blackmagic
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WITCHCRAFT by Thitkhanwe
WITCHCRAFTby Thitkha Nwe
  • paranormal
  • witch
the adventures of hermione granger by PiperLynch3
the adventures of hermione grangerby PiperLynch3
what if hermione granger was a shadowhunter? what if her name was not hermione granger?
  • snape
  • darklord
  • parabatai
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Undeniably, Certifiably Witches (Name in Progress) by JaydenS03
Undeniably, Certifiably Witches (N...by Jayden
In a world full of magic, Vivian is stuck with two parents who hate magic and refuse to let their daughter have anything to do with it. Vivian, however has always dreame...
  • magic
  • school
  • witch
The Strange Occurrences of; Knights Academy by Boziltio
The Strange Occurrences of; Knight...by Akashi Sashi
Shrouded in mystery Knights Academy is the most sought after school in Misty city.
  • werewolf
  • superpowers
  • fantasy
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Crow by happyfuckingrainbows
Crowby *•:☆H.F.R.☆:•*
⚠LANGUAGE⚠ ⚠MILDLY DEPRESSING TOPICS⚠ --I do intend on finishing this story, I will just be very slow at it.-- After going through twelve years of being pushed to strive...
  • originalcharacter
  • albino
  • spells
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Roleplay Rules by cherryxdaisies
Roleplay Rulesby † Kyla †
  • star
  • mermaid
  • characters
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Truly Chaos by LilSanchez
Truly Chaosby Serena Sanchez
They say nightmares can't follow you out of your dreams, but that's a lie. For eight years, I suffered an eternal hell. I danced with Death, married the Devil and learne...
  • vampire
  • werewolf
  • wild
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Lilith's Story by Raindrxxp
Lilith's Storyby In_The_Shadows
I'm an artist not an author what am I doing here but yeah give it a shot I guess
  • magical
  • original
  • witch
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Witches by balloon-babe
Witchesby :3
The Coven flees Boston to the superno Forest and are taken in by a pack of Werewolves. #429 in Paranormal
  • asher
  • mate
  • latin
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Ophalia Academy by christinaabbott8
Ophalia Academyby christinaabbott8
You've been accepted into Ophalia Academy! You're excited to be learning about magic from the best, but not all is as it seems at the academy. Follow Luna as she explore...
  • fantasy
  • witchcraft
  • magical
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