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Third Person

He walked through the door, dropping the keys into the bucket left on top of his windowsill. Continuously stumbling down the hall, using the walls to hold his body. His eyes wandered through his vacant living room. A blanket was folded on the couch, seeming untouched.

"Mom?" Drew said, looking through the kitchen opening, seeing nothing but dirty plates.

Drew stumbled down, pulling his handkerchief from his tuxedo and wiping away the droplets of sweat. Luckily, his room was the first one down the hall. He opened his door, admiring the neatness of his room. My mother finally had enough of my filthy room and decided to clean it herself.

His textbooks were neatly placed on his wooden bookshelf. Before his room was littered with crumpled notes that he used to study for his final exams. Drew collapsed onto the bed, feeling defeated. Another hacking attack came through, causing Drew to cough up blood clots onto the bedsheet.

"Shitt. . ." Drew mumbled, using his sleeve to wipe the excess from the corner of his lip.

He rested his head onto his puffy pillow, trying to gather his breaths. With every hour passing by, the more intense coughs attack his chest and frequently. At first the attacks happened every few hours, but lately every thirty minutes another hacking frenzy appeared.

Drew felt as if his lungs were slowly filling with water, as if there was just less space in them for the air. Inflating them felt like pushing up a lead weight on his chest, which burned with agony. The rising panic rushed through him along with a dizzy feeling and blurry vision.

Suddenly, everything was swirling around him. His eyesight was failing him along with his punctured lungs. His hands wandered the blanket that surrounded him, falling into the softness and distracting himself from the pain.

A woman figure appeared in front of his eyes. Drew used his hand to intensely rub his eyes, making sure his vision wasn't playing tricks on him. Even after all the scrubbing she still stood there, admiring herself in the mirror.

"Does this corset make me look fat?" She asked, twirling around in the navy blue skin-tight corset with a matching skirt. The most beautiful smile was plastered on her face, extending to her eyes.

"Mmm," He mumbled, using his elbows to prop himself on his bed.

"I was packing your stuff but got distracted trying this on," she said, strolling towards the bed and taking a seat next to Drew. Her freshly dyed locks draped past her shoulders, letting a single strand hang in front of her face. Drew gently placed a strand behind her ear, causing her breath to hitch from his touch.

"You're the most beautiful girl in the universe," He whispered, letting his finger glide down her cheek and onto her plump lips.

"You're so cheesy," Imogen giggled, using her hands to shove me away.

"Where are we going?" Drew asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Everywhere!" She excitedly shouted, walking to his drawers and throwing his shirts around his room. One of the shirts landed on his face, causing him to smile brightly at his soulmate in front of him.

Lifting himself from the bed and he wandered closer to her. The corset made all his thoughts go insane and his hands wanted to roam her body. But with every step closer, the more she backed away from him. Finally, she reached the wall, making herself stuck against the wall and his toned chest.

"Why must you always run from me?" Drew asked, wrapping his arms on her small delicate waist. He removed his arm from her waist, using it to caress her warm pearly skin.

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