Masquerade Ball Pt.1

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Drew couldn't wait till it was Saturday night. He was so busy with football practices and pep rallies to spend any time with Imogen. Finally, the day has arrived that he would be taking Imogen on a date. Though to Imogen, it was just a friendly night out. Before meeting at Imogen's house, Drew went to go pick up a bouquet for her.

Drew starting feeling his hands produce sweat during the drive. Before going inside he kept fixing his hair in the mirror. I just want to make her happy tonight Drew thought. Drew got out of the car and straight out his outfit. He starting walking toward her house, feeling his heart beating out of his chest, armpits becoming damp. He connects his hand to the door giving it a hard enough knock.

The moment the door opened Drew forgot how to talk. He was blown away from Imogen's beauty. His eyes wide, mouth wide, and the bouquet almost fell from his grip. "Wow, Woah," he mumbled under his breath

"Come in," Imogen spoke with a slight giggle. It was like Drew suddenly forgot to walk, talk, even breathe. His eyes traced down Imogen's body. The top of the dress was a sweetheart neckline, showcasing her beasts. The beautiful rose color dress reached down to her feet. Imogen was staring at him, with one eyebrow raised. Why is he just standing outside Imogen thought?

Finally Drew was able to come back to his senses. "Oh, yea. You look Stunning," Drew shook his head, walking through the door into her room. "I got you flowers," Drew smiled showing them to Imogen. "Thank you," Imogen said taking from him. She walked to the kitchen and started looking for a vase.

"We just waiting for Frankie. She's taking forever," Imogen playfully rolled her eyes. "YOU KNOW I HAVE TO GET MY MAKEUP PERFECT!" Frankie joked. Frankie always wants to look good when going out but today she was Rebel's date. Rebel has been busy with work lately and Frankie hasn't been able to hang out with him. Also, Frankie has been trying to help Imogen stay positive.

"Frankie, you look hot anyways," Imogen commented "Besides we going to be wearing masks. How will they even see your makeup?"

"I can see it," Frankie said coming out of the bathroom. "Anyway, I'm done so stop complaining," Frankie spoke.

Frankie walked towards the couch where Drew and Rebel were talking. She grabbed her heels and sat down to put them on. Frankie's dress was many yellow layers and she's struggling to find her feet under all the fabric. Rebel saw that she was struggling and went down to help her.

"Here let me help you," Rebel replied, their hands glide against each other when she handed him the shoe.

"Wow, are you my prince charming?" Frankie teased, causing a smile to appear on Rebel's plump lips. Imogen noticed they had quite a flirty banter. She doesn't mind but sometimes they get too into each other. Frankie felt her heart start racing faster every time she looked into Rebel's piercing eyes.

"Franks, Imogen was right you look good!" Drew winked nudging Rebel's shoulder. "Don't you think so Rebel?"

Rebel's cheek was flushing shade of pink "They right. You look lovely Frankie," Rebel spoke meeting Frankie's soft gaze. Frankie was fidgeting with the jewel on her neckline. She bites her bottom lip softly, feeling her cheeks burning red.

"Thank you," Frankie spoke thinking everyone could hear how loud her heart was beating. It was the first time Rebel compliment, Frankie, on her appearance. Frankie will be imaging this moment for weeks to come.

"It's getting late. I got the gift for Robert and Daenerys," Imogen said walking to the door. Rebel held out his hand to help Frankie balance herself. They all walked to Rebel's black truck. The hardest part was getting the dresses in the car. Rebel helped Frankie and Drew helped Imogen. Once everyone was inside, Rebel started driving back to the elegant building.

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