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The sunlight glazed through the window curtains, my eyes slowly fluttered open. The sunshine shone on my face, causing my toes to curl, my fingers twitched and my eyes adjusted to the bright light. Suddenly, the urged to throw up appeared, and felt like my brain was about to burst all over the place. When I looked down, I noticed a boy's chest replaced my regular pillow. My eyes shifted up to see Drew's sleeping. 

"Did I sleep with him last night?" I muttered to myself. 

Before getting up, I rubbed my temples, trying to ease the tremendous headache. When the blanket disappeared from my body, I slowly realized I was naked. I reached down grabbing my undergarments and quickly put them on. I grabbed Drew's shirt from the floor and threw it at his face. He groaned, dragging the clothing to the floor away from his face. I reached for my shirt, throwing over my shoulders.  

"Good thing I remember little of last night," I said, feeling two-toned arms wrapping around my waist.

"Don't act like you didn't enjoy it last night," he smirked, nuzzling his face into my neck. His lips attached themselves to my neck, sucking on my soft spot.

I bit my lip, trying to keep the moan escaping from my lips. "Get off of me," I grumbled, prying his arms from my waist. After buttoning my pants, I started walking to the kitchen and over to the refrigerator. When I opened the refrigerator, my hands reached for the orange juice. I opened my cabinet, grabbing a glass cup, and poured orange juice into it.

"You better put your pants on before Imogen comes down," I said, watching the boy quickly grabbed his clothing. 

"Do you have anything that cures hangovers?" Drew asked, buttoning his jeans.

"Nope! But I've heard orange juice is good for it," I answered, bringing the juice to my lips and drinking it. He walked over to the island I was leaning on and took the drink from my grip. His lips curled into a smirk as he brought the drink to his mouth. 

He placed the drink down on the counter, wrapping my waist and pulling me closer to him. He leaned in and started trailing small, slow kisses along the underside of my jaw, slowing down slightly under my chin and then continued down the other side of the jaw. He connected our lips, causing me to slowly opened my mouth, letting his tongue explore my mouth. My hands wrapped themselves around his neck as his hands went down to my butt, lifting me and placing my body on the counter.

"Woah," a voice said. 

Drew pulled his lips away from mine, looking up that girl all flustered. I jumped off from the countertop, turning around and meeting Imogen's gaze.  

"Oh hey, Imogen," I smirked, watching her eyes darting between Drew and me. 

"Are you guys together now?" She asked.

"Nooo," I answered, grabbing the orange juice from the counter and chugging it. 

Does she not know of a random hookup? 

"Well, I'm going to back upstairs," Imogen said, disappearing down the hall. 


Finally, after several days here, I'm going to be free to go today. I went downstairs hoping to find some decent food but instead, I ran into Katherine and Drew swallowing each other. Not going to lie, I was quite shocked that Katherine moved on so quickly. They made the encounter more uncomfortable then it had to be. 

I'm not his girlfriend, we are barely even friends especially after our conversation last night. I can't help but be confused like isn't Drew in love with me and Katherine is in love with my brother. Don't they think that can hurt us? I don't even think Drew could care about anyone but himself.

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